My gmod psp mapping ideas?

I am making Garrys mod for the psp, using the quake engine, and currently making maps for it. You start off in a room which lets you select the maps, with a custom icon texture for it. I want some map ideas to remake for quake. I need some famous maps that are not too big. I am currently working on Flat grass(which will be done soon), Free space, and I am going to start remaking simple game modes such as laser dance and others. These maps are replicas of their originals. I know it is an old engine, but it looks pretty good. One of my crew is working on the grav/Physics gun for it, and I need some help.

Call me sceptical, but I don’t think this is going to work, and I am fairly sure you can go out there and pick what you think are the most popular maps. You are pretty much limited to flatgrass clones and shitty low detail construct maps anyway, if you want your psp to survive.

This is, unfortunately, true.

No,the psp can handle it just fine. The construct map is detailed, flat grass is there just because it is a map for building big contraptions. Don’t jump to conclusions, I have asked a very simple question. What are some Gmod maps that a lot of people like ? It looks pretty good on the psp. Also, it takes 5 seconds to load the maps.

Seeing as quad core, 4GB memory, 8800 GTX Pc’s get slow with gmod contraptions, how the fuck can the psp even have a chance at any sandbox style game?

Have you ever played Gmod before?

Because if you have, it’s pretty easy to see what maps are good and which suck.

What? things are different for the psp. How is that computer slow with contraptions? This is a fun little game for your friends to build things on the psp. The models arent super poly !

I want people’s personal maps that they want.

What he’s saying is that on the PSP,

You will only be able to make simple contraptions. So the point of making a Gmod for the PSP is null and void.

Lies. Only the 10th day makes detailed construct maps. The whole point of a construct map is that it isn’t.
Besides which the original quake engine won’t handle any kind of quality detail, (Check any of the 10th days construct maps and you see what I mean by a QUALITY DETAILED map).

Here is why I am doing this:

1.plug and play weapons

2.A lot of people like Gmod, so who wouldn’t like it portable and online?

3.To build contraptions, it doesn’t have to be simple, it just takes a little more skill.

The map isn’t detailed, it just looks like gm_construct. It uses the kurok engine, a more detailed quake.Way better than Gl quake.

Port Bullet Physical engine to QuakeC, do it.


And here is pictures from the Gm_construct map (Textures are going to replaced by the real gm_construct from Gmod.)

I put the tga files in a zip, because the psp takes them in tga format

This could be really cool.

I like flatgrass 08

You gotta give us a download link when this is released, could be fun :wink:

Good choice of engine, the Kurok engine supports larger environments and proper skyboxes like HL1. I wouldn’t mind having a scaled down Gmod on PSP, keep me up to date on this will you? The thing is, most people seem to underestimate the PSP’s processing power, if you really want to see what it can do check out Crisis Core, that shit is awesome looking.

haha, just looked at the pics, that looks baaaad :wink:

still could be fun, and a nice job in getting that far

Jut looked at the pics, you haven’t added lighting have you? And by the looks of it you aren’t taking full advantage of the kurok engine, get a proper skybox in there, although I’m not sure the source code has been released for that part yet, it’s in his newest release.

Thanks, but I said I am still improving, I have to add water, add gmod textures, and much more. I posted those images so people knew i was working on some thing. I will completely redo the map perfect if I have to. Just for show guys.

Did you see the crowbar :slight_smile:

unless i’m mistaken

he is using the quake engine, not the kurok. or are they the same thing? :tinfoil:

Kurok’s engine is the engine i am using, kurok is way better than original quake. It supports better models, better maps, and a lot more.

I did see the crowbar, very nice indeed. Someone has already ported the whole of HL to PSP quake, it’s very buggy, and freezes a good bit, but it’s playable. You hvae to load the maps seperately though, and I think progress has stopped on it. If I can figure out how to get all th old quake stuff for compiling, I’ll have a crack at mapping stuff, then you can texture. :slight_smile: I have quake sitting on my HDD.