My Gmod server crash when I join

**When I join to my server it will crash, it downloads fastdl and everything but when “Sending Client Info” the screen will not freeze and server will crash. It happen for me, my friend can join.


Your explaination is poorly informative and the grammar is terrible, but let me see if i can summarise this.

  1. When YOU join the server, it will crash, does that mean that YOU (as the client) crashes, or does the Server itself crash?

  2. FastDL has absolutely nothing to do with “Sending Client Info”.

  3. The screen will NOT freeze? I asume you’re referring to the freeze part when the client info are being processed.

  4. Server crashes when YOU join, but when your FRIEND joins, it works perfectly fine?

First of all… Pick one of these options are you kind:

  1. Is this a Listen Server? (You creating the game through “New Game/Create Game” Or through console. <- Ignore this, Obviously it can’t be a listen server if his buddy can join. facepalm

  2. Is this a Dedicated Server run on your network? (your machine, your laptop et cetera)

  3. Is this a Rented server off a hosting company?

Could also be an add-ons issue, Try removing your add-ons (temporarely)