My Gmod Server

Well I started a Gmod server, it’s still build. I have ulx on it. I want to make it a better more populated server, but not sure what to make. I wanted to make it like GWRP but I have none of the files or any idea how. I need some help with someone that knows what their doing and or has the files to the RP…

you should put wire and acf on then i would play

what’s the difference? GoG uses ulx so I used it.

Please don’t make it generic darkRP nr 103249234902349023.

Actually try to make something cool and original.

what’s the ip?
here’s what a nice build server might have:

  • Wire
  • unofficial wire svn
  • some admin mod that can disable tools
  • field generator disabled (just causes lags and minges)
  • wire expression2 extensions: propcore, entitycore/xentity, settext, holoanim
  • these above extensions should also be limited , at least entitycore / xentity
  • a good map
  • not too strict limits or spam protections, I lost the fun on my ex-favorite server because of this.
  • good admins
  • a good server, not those one which start lagging after spawning three props
  • maybe some cool custom content or tool which no one else has.

RP is not good… everytime I see a RP server, I can’t stop minging, I got a bug in my brain software, but god doesn’t fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

ill give you my IP, I need someone to help me with it. I want to make something new but I have no single clue how to code on Gmod, I can do it on certain games but this is just not my strong point. I got bored so i got a 30 slot server and im not sure what to do with it up to this point. So I need help to make it something better. Something new…

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I never understood what GWRP was, I thought it was it’s own thing. Like here’s DarkRP then RP then SeriousRP then w/e else lol.

You should give the server a decent name, Get some friends to join, Get a decent number of admins. And 30 slots for build is WAY to much, And for a home connection. Add Wiremod And useful stools like Easy Precision and Wenlis Tools.

Well I said it’s only a build server at the moment, I’m going to switch it to something else, I just need someone that’s got the files or help with making something new, is down so I can’t find any files for anything. I’m completely derped here and not sure what to make… My Gmod wont work either ._.;