my Gmod started automatically binds my keys wrong! HELP!

I haven’t played in ages, I just got into a game, I couldn’t move, shoot or open the menu.
I paused, went to key bindings, everything was wrong. there was no key bound for movement, or shooting, or opening the menu, I pressed reset to defaults, and it did, I pressed apply and went back to the game, still cant move, went back to key bindings, it had automatically changed back to the way it was at first.
It does this every time I try.

can anyone help? are you having or had this problem? i just cant figure it out! is there a file in the program files for the key binding i need to change or delete? i cant find one. please dont say i need to uninstall, i have all the addons the way i want them.


Or you have some Lua File that keeps rebinding everything or something like that. Rename your Garry’s Mod folder, then launch GMod up again. It should make a whole new folder, and now you can copy all the addons you want from your previous installation.

woo it worked! thanks you sexy beast!

cfg folder misplacement?

In the future, clean Gmod before asking questions. That is almost always the answer.