My gmod suddenly stopped downloading content

So recently my gmod stopped downloading content for servers. Every time i join a server it starts downloading then gets stuck at a file and completely freezes. I checked the console and i get this message “HTTP ERROR 8 downloading” on every file.

HTTP ERROR 8 means the server doesnt have the files that it asks you to download.

So what should i do

Nothing, it’s a problem with the server not you or your game.

Yeah but im literally staff on that server and i played on it last week just one day it stopped downloading stuff :confused:

You need to contact whoever owns that server to find out what’s going on

So my files are being downloaded but the only thing that doesent want to download is the map it just gives me a error that the map is missing and it doesent want to download. Is there a way to fix that or do i need to get them all manually?

Download the map from the workshop. If you don’t know map name, just copy it once youre trying to connect to the server. Map exampl name - rp_downtown_v4c_v2