My gmod tutorials! (1st gmod videos, please read)

Hey guys, recently I made 2 garry’s mod tutorials! One of them is:
How to drive prop cars and other objects:

How to make a simple and easy elevator in garry’s mod:

Hope you enjoy guys, give me feedback, and tell me how to improve, and if you have any problems with them, tell me :slight_smile:
If you enjoyed it, feel free to like and maybe subscribe (If you want) :slight_smile:

I will try to make some ragdoll movies soon, and I’ll post them here as well!
Also, I am fairly new to garry’s mod and I just joined Facepunch today, so sorry if there is something wrong!

You copied the wrong link we can’t open something like […] I think you just copied this message from a different forum to spam it around, if youre going to spam it across different forums atleast do it right.

Sorry, it’s fixed now :slight_smile:
And just to let you know, I only posted this on one other forum, and it was a different message, I just copied the links from there to here, I’m sorry if you think of that as spam.
So sorry, but any feedback on the video would be nice :slight_smile:

Maybe use more fitting music? I love my chemical romance but this is a tutorial not a mads man scene, use some calm music some really calm techno or dance or just anything.

Ok thanks, I’ll take it into mind for my next video (if I make another tutorial)
Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:
So sorry, but I’d love people to have a look :slight_smile: