My gmod videos

I know they arnt very good…well at least my latest one…but tell me what you all think of them…and if you have any ideas for funny skits for my next video please tell me. Now as for the gmod pinups video…I am willing to make backgrounds/pinups for anyone if they want it, all you have to do is tell me what map i should use, what ragdolls, what objects/effects, and what poses. And yes I am willing to make more sexual poses if you are into that.

Gmod Pinup’s

Gmod F Up’s

Catchy song. I like the Alyx model and the screenshot of the camera looking up into her thonged ass. Otherise I wasn’t crazy about the video. I think you repeated the same screenshots too many times. Also the one where Alyx was standing on the guy in the chair, that one was alright. I wish you would have done some lighting effects and a different map.

I really like the song myself…i was looking for a fast upbeat song to go with the pictures. When I did these pictures I was on my bf’s server kinda just playing around and not really planning it so thats why they are a little plain…If alot of people like this video I might make another one with better models and such.

If you want to make it really good use effects and flash and bump the screen with the beat. Get the video goin’ with a Club, Alyx, cars, shiny, dance, sweat box, laser beams, flashin’ lights. Hardcore bass with some blur effects, stress the image of speakers bassing in and out. I want to see a mini bar with light up seats and a glowey friggin couch. I want to see a line out front but none of them don’t get in because it’s V.I.P. yo. V.I.P. only. If you’re not on the list, you aint gettin’ in.

lol…sounds nice but…i dont know how i would go about trying to do that…i mean i think i have a club map…but it kinda sucks…and then theres the fact im using windows movie maker cause i has no money :frowning:

Download one of the good GMOD club maps.

If you use Windows Movie Maker enough, you can make a video as good as any.

I made my stop motion in movie maker. I believe it works great.

yeah but which ones are “good” lol…


well i have only made 5 videos so far…maybe i should start looking up tuts on how to use wmm…

Look at the pictures of the club maps on the website. Just type in club, I forgot the names.

dont know if the maps i got were good club maps but…eh…anyways anyone got any good ideas for my next gmod f up’s video? remember think funny…and if u have music/funny sounds that could be put to some funny posing…please share