my gmod wont add css stuff

this happend today i was playing gmod on a rp server on rp downtown v2 i left and 5 hours later came on everything was messed up the sky was all wakko i saw random errors i didnt see before and i saw a purple and black pattern i did the verify integrity of game cashe for css and gmod but no good then i went into a single player on flatgrass and looked at guns i had no css guns at all i didnt even have gmod guns I need help plz i think its not migrating css stuff into gmod but idk

why did you make another thread?

idk shoulda prolly edited other one

You NEED to play CS:S for awhile, this question has been asked so much nowadays it’s basically in this sub-forum everyday

You don’t need to play it for a while, you need to start it once and quit without even starting a game, as a bare minimum.