My God, It's Full Of Stars


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V1 with Bloom

My eyes. :open_mouth:


But a little bloom rape.

Space: The brightest frontier.

Tone the bloom down just a bit and you’ll have yourself a winner.

inconsistent blurring, and step the fuck away from the bloom.

i do like that you show space in its true beauty, though. it’s not just black with white/blue dots.

My eyes!!!

Its too intense!!!

It’s a shame the bloom is so bright. If it was slightly reduced, this would have most likely been much better. However, that said, the pic is still kinda beautiful - it shows that space isn’t so dark and devoid as some might think.
But good work! :slight_smile:

A little to bright, but looks really nice.

2001 Space Odyssey, fuck yeah!

Sooo much bloom

2001 space odysy. Loved the book and the movie. and the sequel. And I love this picture, except the bloom :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it any better now?

Glad I am not the only one who got the reference.
Just finished the book not to long ago.

still a tad bloomy, but nowhere near as overdone

It’s such a fantastic book. Enthralling, really.