'My God man!' Soldier Being the Soldier.




Oh Eat a dick AA

You should have used that other SMG bloo made

About time you posted it.

This is awesome. The faceposing is so cool.

tbh it would have been way better if you didn’t see the soldier’s eye. you could have patched it out or just shaded it off.

that’s really the biggest flaw of the picture (other than horribly low-res normal maps from stark lamp lighting)

I thought it looked cool :saddowns:

idk man. there’s just something about it that throws off the composition of the soldier. here he is with a dark and brooding personality and yet you can see a glint in his eye? just strikes me as odd, dude. doesn’t really match the mood.

Yeah, the eye really doesn’t fit in with the rest of it too well.

It’s too bright or something, can’t tell.

it looks good, but something is off, maby the eye

Well you could try either of these two for size


I’m keeping the original up there though, cause I like it.

The first one of those is the best one.

The shadows didn’t flow well with the eye there, making it look pasted on.