My grandfather plays Gmod

Recently my Grandpa started playing Gmod when one day he saw me playing it he has Alzheimers and I thought It would be good for him to start something like this since it would be good for his mind rather then just watching TV all day. So he started out with mostly “Hunting Zombies” And then now he kills Combines and he seems to have a lot fun doing it. My grand mother has been whining that he does not do the dishes. Well I think I would like to move him a step up and see If he would like to build things. I was wondering if any of you have any good addons that would make for a better experience. He mostly likes driving and killing zombies and combine.

Not many addons right now, but i recommend you teach him building

I want you to make him reg an account here, on facepunch, make him post a thread in this section just so that I can rate him “Winner”.

I bet he would enjoy just making houses and contraptions, I think this is an awesome story :wink:


PHX. and wire. I think he’ll like creating an autoturret for killing the combine:P

What a fucking idiot. Kill your grandfather.

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Pettition to add ban and\or GTFO rating.
Rate agree or disagree -_-

God no

Your Grandad is awesome if he plays video games at his age. :buddy:
You should show him how to build, though Wiremod might be too complex.

PHX, maybe SBEP if his condition isn’t too bad. Gotta love SBEP.

You should get him madcow’s weapons, maybe PHX and some cars or something

Major win. I so want him to make a FP, make a thread, just so all of FP can rate him “Win”

Also get him some decent maps to drive in.

The last update broke MadCow’s weapons I thought. At least for me it did.

Maybe my copy was just corrupted. BRB, reinstalling.

Learn to him to make a fort with combine inside so he can make mission!


Can we please play with your grandpa some time?

Right now he playing on my bros computer becuase he still with support so he has been using my account and turning the internet off.

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He also pretty fond of flat grass too.

Find him some good weapon packs and car packs ( sickness, for example ), and some onslaught maps. Might want to look into mobenix and gmod racer maps for possible driving courses.

For building, start with the default props and work towards larger packs - if he isn’t interested in building, that saves the downloads.

Also, show him around the contraptions forum with things that aren’t wired to give him some ideas.

Right now hes playing. He is building a fort/pyramid I might have some screens.