My Great Big Thread of Screenshots

This is just a collection of screenshots I’ve done. Most of them I thought weren’t “thread-worthy”.

“I’ve met the locals, captain. They seem friendly enough…”

“This doesn’t seem physically possible!” (Red Vs. Blue Reference)

Nod Trooper


Wow. I’m amazed.

They all look terrible.

Great big =/= 4 pictures.

Great big == 30+ pictures.

I seem to have made an error in judgement. Could a moderator lock this, please?

when did you all turn into fucking assholes

seriously now

Where have you been?

Aww you have the Brother Hood Of Nod skin?


Woops one sec

Not really a GREAT BIG THREAD and posing is mediocre with bad angles and no editing.

Duh, it’s fp.

hahaha bartmanz of course i wasn’t talking about you, no, of course i was referring to others that AREN’T known far and wide as little bitches around the subforums cough

THe heavy one is alright.

The shadows on the last picture is a little bit fucked up, but I don’t think thats your fault.

Yeah because you have to have high internet social status to talk bad about some Gmod sceenshots.

I’d report you for flaming, but it wouldn’t matter because you’re a gold member.

That ain’t a kind way to talk about your mother, Son.