My gripe, input and feedback on game

So far, it’s been a pretty neat game. I had a blast when i hooked up with friends, built a little village and got crafting etc, i minded my own in the game. Within one night we were raided 4 times, all with guys fulled kitted, I can understand a few raids. It’s the guys running around killing anybody that really get me, and I honestly do not understand why, and here are my ideas on how this could be fixed, granted these are just ideas, not sure 100% how they would work completely.

  1. Make ammo OR guns a LOT harder to obtain, that way these guys would actually be careful with how they use their ammo

  2. Add wear and tear to guns, I do not know completely how, but hey it might work.

  3. Make smaller and more servers, I know there are modded servers like this, but I haven’t been able to join any of them in a week or so.

  4. Move the spawns a little farther out, the island is big, spawns can be far apart.

  5. Add an infamy or honor system that changed your armor look. So say if player A kills many zombies, and/or players who have infamy, they get a different skin for their different armors, be them kevlar or cloth, than say player B, who if they had infamy, would have more of a bandit looking style to them, so you can more identify someone who might kill you on sight, or someone who would let you go, hold you up for their own security, or help you out.
    I doubt they’d completely stop any random d-bag killing, but I feel as if it might cut it down a bit.
    In all, I think the game is amazing other than that. I love the aspect of building your own house, fort, town, village, etc. It can get very fun. I love the gun play, and bow play, gets my heart racing in a good gun/bow shoot out. Survival is great! I think melee combat could use a little bit of a change, I do not know how though XD

                          Thanks for taking the time to read this, post your ideas, feedback or gripe down below! It's an alpha, this is how things get fixed/changed!

The idea is that you decide to trust someone or not. Giving them a PK look makes that function go easy mode. Hone your people skills, refine your instincts, and learn more ways to be cautious. The only thing I’d like to see with identifying people is more character customization, then we can all just learn to watch out for the 6 fingered man. Until that time comes, being able to see names from further away would be enough.

i don’t think a game mechanic that invalidates the importance of human socialization is really the way they want to take the game; at least i hope it isn’t.

I pray to the developer gods that Rust is never marketed to the masses… i understand that most casual players want a game that plays like world of warcraft and that there is probably money to be made in that direction … I just hope it never happens. don’t take the wild out of the wild west. let the casual player rage and complain and boycott. welcome to the jungle. :slight_smile:

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oh yeah-

and i think they will add greater skin customization. different hair colors, bearded or clean shaven, red shirt orange pants, pink polka-dotted bloomers, etc.

also i think it would be neat if they added a few slight variations on the walking/running animations so that you could recognize a character by their gait. In reality, when I pick someone I know out of a crowd at a distance, a lot of times it’s because I recognize the way that they walk. this would be cool to see in the game.

tip to the OP: you can’t really expect to solo this game with consistent success, at least on the more populated servers. that’s kind of what they’re going for. it’s meant to be a reflection of the human condition, to include the need to work together. get caught alone and you’re probably dead. and the guys blowing you away ‘for no reason’ aren’t d-bags… it’s a pvp game and it’s in their best interest to kill you for the chance that you have something worth taking. :slight_smile:

For 5. see this thread

For 3. I do not agree since on 200-256 slot official servers it is possible to get nodes and not run into people for at least 30 minutes no problem. Its about timing and play-style.

a few of your issues are currently being worked on. (mainly, the item durability) that site shows the devs short term plans, and what they’re currently working on as well as what to expect on the next patch.
Keep in mind that this IS an alpha. just play the game as it is, and try and have fun with every situation. Also, I suggest doing a bit of base raiding yourself. It’s fun :slight_smile:

You must be talking about another game. I started on a new Server today. When i started to play there were 11 PLayer and it was OK, later on there were around 30, its was simply imposible to get a usefull amount of resources, because there were 2 (just 2!) other people in the area, building their houses and some other were running from village to village, looting the chests. 250 Peolpe is way too much for the currently map. Don’t get me wrong Dev’s, but I hope this is just a trial/tutorial island or something.

Edit: OK, i had a closer look at the maps on the wiki. I just know there area with the road, but what should one do in the other parts? Villages are a important part of the game.