My Hard drive went, what do i need to re-download?

Well i stopped playing gmod for awhile and then i wanted to play again and my hard drive fried… SOOOO i kinda need your guy’s help to tell me what i need to redownload…Grant you i had ALOT of unnecessary addons so really all i do is build Engines and Cars/Trucks/Tanks so if you guys can post some of the most important things you use to build vehicles let me know so i can re download only the necessary things And i know ill need wire and phx comes with gmod now… sooo other than that what else i need?

MultiParent (Improved by karbine)
Nocollide All Multi
Nocollide Multi
Weight Tool
Fin Tool *
UWSVN (Unofficial Wire)
Wenli’s Tools
Advanced Duplicator 2
TB’s Duplicator **

  • Typically a good tool to have for assisting in downforce on faster light cars.
    ** Only necessary for legacy support; not needed if you have no dupes from that era (I have many).

Ahh thank you :slight_smile: and UWSVN would just be the regular wire everyone downloads with svn? and woah adv dup 2… hows that compare to tb dup? aaaaand Well yea thanks! :slight_smile:

UWSVN is downloaded separate from the regular WireMod distribution, and includes other useful Wire tools that some may find helpful. You can find a link on the WireMod download page.