My Headhacked model doesn't have pupil!!!

The left guy is from Bloocobalt’s casual citizens and the right guy is the headhacked one with the model that I PMed.
Everything is fine, but I headhacked two guys, one is him above and the other guy is male_01 from Bloocobalt’s too.
And male_01 guy has a cubemap error. Is that absolutely *vmt path error?

The point is, both they don’t have pupils. Do I have to headhack with normal HL2 citizens? Is that because?
Help me, people!

What does the QC look like?
did you run qceyes.exe to calculate their location properly? whats the vmt look like?

I think I had a mistake while headhacking. Thanks anyway, problem is done.

how did u get that guy? with no pupils? are they the avp marines?

can you show us the folder where all the material files are located, which shows all the vtf’s you use.

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Pass me the entire thing, maybe i can remedy a fix.