My hopes for Rust

Stomping Land
The Forest

Are all similar styled games that all have points that Rust should adopt, in my opinion.
Clearly in a month or two Rust will be a lot different, we will most likely get a real update, or at least an experimental branch so the dedicated players can leave the scum bag hackers behind.
I played on NA4, the Konvicts owned the server with hacks, a group of us stooped to their level, farmed 500 c4 and stole every thing they have.
I love Rust, so much so that me and my friends dedicated 2 months just to send a message to the scum bags that ruined the experience for so many people, we lost a few accounts and had to buy some illicit products, but just to stand up for the noobs and hundreds of people that quit the game due to their hacking, it was worth it. (If you’re going to talk shit because we stooped to their level, go right ahead, I’ve gone professional at 3 video games, I really don’t care)

That being said, H1Z1 isn’t released yet and we’ve already got a look into what they’re doing game mechanic wise. They’ve already managed to add trees that can actually be chopped down and they have a weight, if you are under a tree that falls, you’re going to die. It really adds another layer to the idea of being immersed in the game and the reality of it.

DayZ, the player to player interaction. In DayZ you can handcuff players, put a hood over their head and feed them poison food. I’m not saying Rust should add the same mechanics, but more player to player interaction besides slaughtering each other is a NEEDED element.

Stomping Land is more new than Rust, and isn’t in as good of shape as Rust but they do have a few mechanics that could lend themselves to Rust. The ability to scavenge killed Dinosaurs, get their skulls and decorate your camp with them. I’m not saying Rust needs to add Dinosaurs, BUT adding items like a Bear pelt, use of bones, a dear head to add ways to make the interior of your house different than your neighbours. It would also give another purpose to farming animals if parts of them could be quite rare and have a cool bonus, like being able to carpet your stairs with animal fur.

The forest has a great inventory system, you’re carrying a towel you wrap up, if you need to open your inventory, you have to kneel down and unwrap your pack. Something that really makes you feel like you’re carrying stuff, there would be issues when it comes to carrying ores and stuff but I also don’t believe you should be able to carry thousands of wood at a time. I think some sort of carry device is smart, whether it be a wheelbarrow, a pushed cart or a small caravan.

I’ve played this game for almost 8 months now, I’ve seen good changes and bad. I’ve seen hackers take over servers, get policed by other hackers and hundreds of people quit. I’ve seen the good bad and the ugly in this game and I’m still a big fan, BUT I won’t be spending any more of my time playing it until something is done about the hacks and neither will my group of friends. There is NO point in playing a game that has a hack where people can sleeping bag through your walls and steal everything you have with a few boxes and an hour without using any c4 or investing the time to scouting you.

Right now we got chat and violence. Not much difference really cause it always ends with profanity.
I’ll echo your concern that we do need some other manner of interaction.

In-game friends list, private channel walkie-talkies, some manner of recording/tracking alliances or trade deals, signs to name/mark places (or warn ppl away), anything. Currently it’s all pen and paper and external programs for maintaining anything larger than 2 ppl and a hut. Awful lot of work for a game.

I have no opinion on the rest though.

I agree we need to be able to place custom signs and Garry has already confirmed he has plans to introduce them. Aside from that, I disagree. I guess I’ve never been big on “metrics.”

What do you mean by an in-game friends list? Steam handles my friend list well enough. I know who my friends are and when I get close enough to them in game, I see their names and recognize them as friends. I don’t see the need for an in-game list and would rather the developers spend their time on adding game content. If you are talking about having a friends “radar” I also oppose that. Unless I’m already talking to them on the existing private channel steam chat I’m never sure until I’m on top of the guy whether he is friend or foe. I like that, it feeds that persistent sense of low-grade paranoia I feel playing Rust.

As I said, and as you must know-- you can use steam chat for private channel discussions and in fact Garry has indicated that in the future voice chat will be piggybacking on the existing Steam chat infrastructure. That frees him up to add more cool content.

As for recording/tracking alliances and trade deals-- you have a laptop computer in that rock of yours?
You can’t remember who you have an alliance with? Why should the game track your trade deals? This isn’t WoW or Diablo or something.

do you really expect the game to track how many planks you traded for 33 ore on June 4th at 6:54 pm?

Yeah… thanks for the analysis, but I was grabbing at random thoughts there in a ‘for instance’ sense. Only to emphasize the point that there are few ways to interact with a player that don’t involve blood or robbery.

I didn’t want to pop in and just say “yeah… this” without adding something, even if that something was shit as you pointed out.

i like how all the “carry devices” you mentioned all have wheels… gtfo.

Something that would have to be dragged is a cool idea, I just hadn’t thought of that. But lets be honest, if we can craft weapons, we can craft a wheel…?