My hopes for the game

Hi all! Ive been on this forum for 2-3 days now, just registered :slight_smile: Known about the game for just as long i think.

And before anyone thinks ill be begging for a key, i wont. I actually appreciate that developers actually doesn’t invite way too many players into the game, because this prevents lots of KOS, and people can actually focus on bug reporting and proper constructive feedback. And i dont mind to test a game later on, so it will be much more fresh for me :slight_smile:

So the game looks good, i have to say, even in alpha stage. I am a huge fan of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, and im always hungry for new survival games.
After i see a new survival game, i’m always worried about the “Kill on sight” thinking. Sure, it is needed. It gives some kind of suspense and stressful feeling, knowing you can get attacked and shot at any time.

But the problem is that it never stops. When i was new in DayZ, and WarZ i felt that i could meet new people and team up, and we could fight zombies and loot together. But in both games it didn’t go even a week before everyone killed each other like an open world deathmatch. Even if someone sees someone thats 10-20 minutes away, they will often follow just to get a kill.
So at this point i will most likely be called a huge carebear. But i like a balanced game with “survival” and “PvP”. Nowadays, it seems anyone can slap on the “Survival game” stamp on whatever they make, because you have to eat and drink, or just not get shot.

I often see suggestions like “Make it more difficult to get weapons or ammo” but this NEVER helps. People kills others anyways.
I really want a game where i can enjoy building a house, or a village with friends, and meet strangers on the roads and fields and trade with them. I actually want some kind of socializing in a game. This will probably be a thing that will require a long time to figure out, though.

So for you that actually play the game, and know more about it, how is it? How do you think it will be as a final product? Do you think this game has a better chance for people grouping up, and playing a bit together, instead of shooting each other on sight?

Thank you, and i know that i write kind of heavy. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to build a house, or a village with friends, you must defend it from enemies. This is sweet point of the game. You can build awesome defend constructions to guard your own builds, items, etc. Too easy game is just bad game. You must survive, and it will never be easy. You can’t trust any stranger.If you want to survive in strange world, you must do everything to alive. You must steal, you must kill, you must watch your back. This is real true about survival games.

“cant trust any stranger” Of course you cant of any these games. Everyone kills each other. There is nothing but PvP it seems.

And nobody can play 24/7
As soon as people leave the camp, its gonna be destroyed…?

stalker is awesome have you checked out survarium? anyway a PVE type of gamemode seems to be something alot of people are wanting and i wouldnt think it would be difficult to implement but im no dev. I have also played dayz and warz (which blows) which is a perfect example of insane pvp even when players try to PVE they end up getting tired of taking the risk of getting shot and turn into KOS.

Hopefully garrys aware of this and would try to work something into the game that could provoke teamwork and give little incentive to pvp but wtf do i know.

Yeah, Survarium looks pretty cool. :slight_smile:

But PvE isnt something that should be implemented, it should be “worked for”.
People need to think about killing other people, there has to be something that makes them choose.
Its all “Ok kill this guy” instead of “should i spare him?”