My house is gone?

I disconnected during a lag spike yesterday and when i logged on this morning my house had completely disappeared, no foundation or anything. The odd thing is all the houses around me are still there. How can this happen?
Back to square one i guess.

A roll back, you must have finished your building around the time the server crashed.

Are you sure you logged into the same server?

I’ve played on multiple servers and have them bookmarked, so I’ve experienced that on several occasions… :downs:

Or that. Those are the worst.

I built my house about 10 hours before the lag spike and houses that were built after mine in the area are still there.

I am positive. When i joined i was in the same spot my house was but it was gone :tinfoil:.

Are you sure those are the same houses and not just new ones put in the same place after a wipe? I don’t know of anything that would cause an entire house to vanish along with its foundation overnight other than a wipe/rollback…

It was a rollback. Thanks for the responses.

Same thing happened to me, I finished my house 2 days ago. I joined back in yesterday morning, and BOOM, the whole thing is gone.

(I was building with a Friend and I)

It took us at least 1 day and a half to almost complete it. (We had 4 floors.)

It sucked so much! All my stuff was gone. (Except the stuff I kept in my inv, like guns and some resources.)

happened on eu central, i logged in and the only thing left was the wood door >_<

5 hour offline so couldnt be decay