My House was destroyed by a Hacker :(

So me and my friends built a base that was made out of stone and metal and it was huge with 7 locked doors and a giant wall surrounding the actual house…we left for an hour to go to a rad town and when we noticed our sleeping bags were gone we went back and our house was completely gone…only floating chests. And our tool box was hidden behind metal walls. It was our neighbors and had to be hacks…or 50+ C4. Buttholes. Anyone else have something similar happen?

yes, here

Admin abuse I suppose.

There is a bug that is fairly well documented at this point that results in players not ‘seeing’ walls that exist. They can walk right through where walls are supposed to be because their client doesn’t register them.

Blows my mind that just because the client doesn’t ‘see’ the wall, the server still allows the player to walk right through.

yah that sucks. Spent so much time on that house. I will be picking a different spot to build…away from my harassing neighbors xD I hope this all get fixed soon. I would like to keep a house for more then 2 days lol

Stangely I’ve had that bug several times now, but wasn’t able to pass through the wall. I assumed it was only the graphics bugging, not the actual collision.

I also had that issue once but I couldnt walk through walls either. Anyone come across an aim bot hacker yet?

This type of desync issue happens to me all the time but it appears to be improving, especially after the last few patches this week. Curiously, it was really really bad as of last wipe where everyone seemed to be desynced and walking through walls. Half the time I would log in and fall to the ground, look up and see a floating wall and some boxes. After relogging, my house was intact. Thankfully, people’s tool cupboards didn’t always render in when this did happen because it resulted in some random person shooting out your box, placing there box and taking your house. Always relog if you are unsure if something is there or not.

I have not seen any aim-bot hackers yet. I am fairly certain I have seen a guy speed hacking twice now who was running and jumping all over the place but didn’t really come mess up anybody’s gameplay that I know of. A friend of mine said he had a hacker chop though his stone ceiling in about 3 second, come in and take everything while he was helpless to do anything. Other than that, the hacking problem doesn’t seem to be as bad as it once was. I was lucky enough this week not to lose a single house, other to a hole someone put in one from c4 so that is saying something.

Build in the water and make sure your important stuff is at least one floor above the water. Another good way to do it is to build it so one floor is partially submerged to where you have to swim around and there’s just enough space to stick your head out of the water.

Then place a large crate under water and put a lock on it. You can stand on it to put stuff in it, but no one will be able to break it!

Well one of my friends has had enough after yesterdays incident and decided to run a server on his own. He promises to take no actions whatsoever and won’t manipulate the gameplay in any way, except for removing obvious hackers.
So if you’re interested in a server with a silent admin, join us and bring your clan. I hope it’s ok if I put the IP here.

it was relevant to the other thread, but it isn’t here.

Ok, I removed it.