My HUD is somehow cut

As the title says it is Cut…

Pics explain better:

And it is Not my Hud as I get this often…:

Link to image, to big for thread!


Ok more Info: This only happens when the Upper left corner gets in the Skybox!

Everybody gets this, but for some reason Garry hasn’t fixed it yet.

thats never happened to me and ive had garrysmod for about a year

It’s an issue with 3D skyboxes. I haven’t been getting this issue, but then again, I haven’t been playing Construct.

I have this same problem. I bought GMod, is it going to be bugged like this?

It’s an issue with gm_construct. Doesn’t happen on any other map, Garry needs to fix this.

I’m not getting this issue on GM_Construct,

It happens on every map for me.

My HUD doesn’t even show up at all - excluding prop spawner (and on any map), lol?

Glitches elsewhere too.

I had this issue, try putting -dxlevel 81 in the launch options

Yeah, tried that -dxlevel 81 thing, without it the game just crashes when i move.
I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, just noticed that it doesn’t actually uninstall when you right click the game then select delete local content. No way to “fix” it atm but thanks anyway.

EDIT: I’m an idiot, updated java and now everything’s working just grand (lower fps, but meh).

No problem here. It could be a certen make of grahics card.