My Hud Simpletext has no coordinates

draw.SimpleText("Rank: " .. LocalPlayer():GetNWString("rank"), "ScoreboardText", 25, 75, Color(0, 255, 0, 255), 35, 0)

How do I add them… I checked the gmod wiki and it says that the second arguments are the coordinates… I am so confused. I have tried every single one. The numbers after “Color” don’t change its position.

That code worked for me, with 25 and 75 being the coordinates. Your problem has got to be elsewhere in the code. Are you sure you’ve checked it for errors? Note that you should be doing your drawing in a **[Gamemode.HUDPaint](** hook, like so :

draw.SimpleText("Rank: " … LocalPlayer():GetNWString(“rank”), “ScoreboardText”, 400, 75, Color(0, 255, 0, 255), 1, 1)

Also note that 35 is not a valid value for the last parameters, read more about it here :

I see. I have to set my coordinates to like 1000 because the text starts at the top left hand corner. Thanks.

Screen coordinates range from (0,0) (top left) to (ScrW(), ScrH()) (bottom right)

Using ScrW() and ScreenH() you can find out what resolution the client’s Garry’s Mod is running in (And thus the coordinates to their bottom right corner)

You should use ScrW() and ScrH() get the resolution and then fix the position with that.