my idea about electricity in game

I have to say that the design of the generator is very good it comes to looks, in my opinion, the first on the left in the photo looks very good, and in the climate of the game a little rusted :slight_smile:
Reluctance to tell you what to do on their own project, but I want to add a few observations and ideas as I know that the tymna ekletryce :slight_smile: things that would be handy, like the ability to mount on the wall in budyku insulated cables or for example the performance of their copper ore which could be mine, and that the bare wires do not kicked current household that could create such a simple design of this gum, then a piece of wood and it mounted a stone or something like that or ceramics, and thus expressed, to lead in building the walls, or ceiling cables from the generator to eg the lighting, the radio, the radio station which was by the way cool welded to pink for example, with some, fellow people who live far away, or refrigerator, generator and in the future, and other things, and even traps, it would be too gorgeous, how to be able to be installed outside the building or inside the lamp current possible to switch off :slight_smile:

And sometime in the future for electricity could be for example a camera mounted on the outside of the building, combined with the notebook to someone approached to the base some distance to run to the alarm warning in the building, and at night lit by additional lighting, outdoor and trigger turrets, a subject which is already in the game but still impossible to use or windtrap could sustain basic protective functions and a refrigerator to function as players are asleep :slight_smile: