My idea for Rust

My idea is for Kevlar and the workings of it.
I think that it could be a better system if you found kevlar sheets (or made them) and could then procede to make it into kevlar reinforcing material which then could be draged and droped over a piece of cloathing then proceded to embue the selected clothing with kevlar as if you where puting on a kevlar vest over your existing cloathing. This could add extra tears of cloathing and change the way people use kevlar. e.g. Kevlar + cloth = (to be named), Kevlar + leather = (to be named) etc.

I think Kevlar should just be harder to make, plain and simple. I have a million metal fragments that aren’t being used. With it being more difficult, if they are wearing leather or cloth it gives new spawns a chance to kill them, I have killed several leather and cloth people with a pick by swerving around them and hitting 3 or 4 times. They always attempt to shoot me and can’t because I am going inside and out of them considering it is non collision.

I just read that and it was posted 2 or so hours before your post. There is kevlar in game.

Granted, I’ve never played Rust, nor do I want to, but this was posted before.

First having to make them from kevlar sheets would increase the items and time needed to craft it, this being said it would also mean that those people who spam kevlar would have a hard time even trying to find the resources to make it. Idea for making kevlar sheets: 20 crude metal, 20 cloth, 20 leather, work bench needed = kevlar upgrade kit (one use). This would make it verry hard for people to make kevlar and make it so that people that make it wont want to go into combat due to the insane build cost. Only kevar sheets would be able to be found in loot areas, not upgrade kits. It would take 20 kevlar sheets to make One upgrade kit (one use).

I already solemnly take my M9 out, and when i do it’s to get blueprints, after shooting one zombie i get decked by a guy with a M4 just spraying.