My idea for Zombie replacements.

Picture a tribe of aboriginals surrounding a hut and fire chanting and dancing, in the center are 3 chests and 3 spikes with players heads on top. If you think you can get the loot alone good luck, you’ll be speared down in seconds if they spot you. Working together with others is a must to get the loot. These NPC’s go out and gather resources just like you, you may be getting some wood when one spots you and starts chasing you down with his spear. Tribes would be scattered around the map, big and small. Hunters and gatherer NPC’s would be roaming around the map. Players would have to work together more often then not to survive and get gear. idk just something I’ve thought about for a bit, seems like it might fit the rust vibe a bit better then zombies.

What might look like:

That would just be plain scary, I think I prefer this idea over bandits though as bandits are generic to every game out there in the survival game scene.

These areas could be rich in bamboo to craft blowdarts, spears, bamboo structures. These tribes should also hunt at night carrying a torch so you know there ‘general’ whereabouts chanting death chants. Would be scary as and it would give night time that extra scariness.

I’m not one of those politically correct, granola crunching activists. But I gotta say, this seems a little insensitive. I mean other games have done it but it seems to be in bad taste to cast a primitive tribe as objects to be hunted for loot. Gunning down hapless tribesmen is not my cup of tea.

I like the idea of savages in remote parts of the map. I think the whole concept behind RUST is that of an aftermath of a fallout, RUST=decay of metal, falling apart of civilization, survival in the post apocalyptic world. I think that bandits would be okay in post-apocalyptic towns which have not been irradiated.

Let’s be real; it’s not like any tribe-people like this sort are going to be able to get offended, because they don’t really have computers, do they?

Rust could also be short for “Rustic”

of or relating to the countryside; rural.
rural, country, countryside, countrified, pastoral, bucolic; More
antonyms: urban
lacking the sophistication of the city; backward and provincial.
“you are a rustic halfwit”
synonyms: unsophisticated, uncultured, unrefined, simple; More
antonyms: urbane, cultured, sophisticated
constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion, in particular.

You hunt for loot in pretty much any game wether it’s bandits, animals, Iraqis and Russians in COD games. I don’t see why Tribes is so insensitive lol

Or it could be RUST as in post apocalyptic which is what the developers said they were going for in the first place. RUST was a dayz clone from the start. I actually think its a good idea to rename it to something like Rustic. Good idea.

and they’ve since said they’re moving away from the post apocalyptic setting. They said they started as a dayz clone but the game has since moved in a different direction. They’ve already confirmed they’re removing zombies. Only a matter of time before the towns and radiation are out too. Rust still works for the game title even in a primitive setting.

I’m almost sure they wont remove raid able/ loot able towns otherwise you would never come across blueprints and general loot.

did you see what they are replacing the zombies with? they are certainly going to be harder to hit with a bow!

I haven’t, care to link it?

That is kinda Cool, but I don’t know what would that guys be doing after like year 2020 in the cities and so on…

That guys live far worse in technology than man even before Christ were born (Greece was already a kinda modern city back then).
Keep Cool

I’d like to see a replacement mob that groups together, builds, farms like a human player (though that kind of AI would create wayyy too many exploitable bugs).

Doesn’t have to be an aboriginal tribe, though. It could just be a group of near-nekkids, driven mad by the cold/hunger/violence/etc. Like the Reavers from Firefly.

Well they added it for next version a few minutes ago and some other things that will change gameplay a little.

Also added some type of AI? Or that’s probably like bears and stuff?

replacement concepts for zombies.

Looks like pigs, deers and chickens will be chased by bears and wolfs now plus they will run when hearing gunshoots, idk if the zombies replacements will attack the other AI too.

This would be amazing.

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Very awesome idea.

Look at the “things” from “The Forest” (Survival Game)…
Thats an Awesome idea !!! :slight_smile: