"My idea?!"

Soldier and Spy are trying to steal the intel but a Pyro is waiting for them.

What’s up with the Spy? His arm is all red.

Its TF2 blood. It looks werid in the shadows. Dont know why.

It’s…ok I guess. Improve your posing.

^That and the lighting aint good, edit it with photoshop or gimp.

I’m trying to edit the lighting but its really hard if you’ve got a bright light already in the picture. Trying to darken the picture first and then add light.

You should use lights.
Play with the options and you should get a good result.
Thats how I did this:


I know its shit I just want to show you that you can improve your pictures pretty good with ingame lightning.(I used Gimp as well but just to do some contrasting,smoke,blood, and Sparks.)

Combine I know how to make good pictures. Thanks anyway. Its just Adobe Photoshop Elements is a Bitch when it comes to lights.

Yeah thats why you should use some ingame lights and than add some photoshop lights.
It looks better than just lights or just photoshop light.

What about now? I added a blurr effect in as well. Not sure if it ruins the picture. I mostly want people to look at whats at the end of the hallway.

Hey clever blur.
Better than the first one.
Have an optimistic(not gaybow).

Gee thanks. I used three types of blurr in that picture. Normal Blurr, Blurr More and then Gaussian Blurr.

Adobes photoshop comes with lots of cool effects but lacks lights.

So you think photoshop is better than gimp?
Cause im thinking if I should buy it or not.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is very handy for effects. I’ve never used gimp so… Not entirely sure.

It’s too dark now.