My ideas for future updates, please post opinions :)

Firstly Id really like to see the implement of bicycles, not cars since they would be too overpowered running people over and such while bicycles would get you from point A to point B that bit quicker especially mountain bikes which I think everyone would benefit from. Secondly a larger range of weapon types so not more pistols or machine guns but a sniper rifle, hammer etc just to add a different feel to the game. Next I think global events would be amazing such as zombie hordes sweeping the map or a meteor strike to change the view of the map or add to it. That’s my ideas so far :slight_smile:

I haven’t mentioned fixing hacks etc since the rust team I understand are trying hard to fix them and don’t need more people telling them and pushing them to release things that arn’t fully finished. Thanks

before mentioned bicycle has been mentioned multiple times by me and others. no direct response so far from the dev team. Which i believe are to busy to care right now lol.

no they do care but they wont respond to ideas like these, so go on thier trello page