My ideas for PlayRust alpha / beta keys. Take your vote

I know buying gold is disabled, but read this and maybe come up with idea(s) or program(s) that will work for everyone on Facepunch / Rust forum.
Otherwise disregard this thread.
Ps. This is NOT a begging thread, I am throwing out ideas for PlayRust keys / accounts.
PPs. This is NOT a begging thread, please don’t beg for keys in this thread.

1: Re-enable buying gold to allow people to access the gold member forums for their “Chance” to earn / win / compete for their alpha / beta key.

2: Allow a “Buy PlayRust key” for $10 - $15, but also let the user know if they screw up / use hacks / scam / abuse / harass / threaten / Etcetera (Moderators and Devs need to make the rules here).
If the user breaks the rules then their key / account is given away in a thread for challenge / win / compete thread.

3: Have a in game competition; people who are actually testing the game and reporting bugs / hackers / problems / crafting ideas / great works (Like building the great wall of China.) can keep their key, others that are just playing Rust will only get a certain amount of time to play (Like a week) then someone else gets to play (Make a list of serious testers, programmers, Etcetera and separate them from the gamers).

4: Give an approximate date for open beta, and make a thread so people will stop asking for keys.

5: Give an approximate release date for a complete PlayRust game, so people will stop asking for keys and when it will be released or if it will be on steam.

6: Just leave it as is

Fuckin +1

lol google… why are you here? all you do is mark everything as dumb… that really shows your intelligence.

You forgot one thing, the server is full.

fyi, gold members don’t get special treatment. you don’t get a key for having gold

[7] Shut the fuck up, read the sticky, and learn keep your whining and impatience to yourself. Software development is hard and takes time.

Note: This is my written-in poll answer, not a direct response to OP.

Edit: Not trolling, apology and explanation further down thread.

I already read that part, and again its a “chance”

if 4 and 5 were to happen, all the new people getting lured into the forums wouldn’t get banned… all that does is make this place look bad… and you arn’t making it look any better… so why are you here?

why are in this thread? Disregard the thread and don’t reply if you don’t have anything positive to say.

I realized that my response might sound directly hostile to you, which is why I edited it to clarify. I apologize if I offended you, as I didn’t intend to come in specifically to troll.

My response is instead that people who don’t have Rust keys right now that really really really want them, irrationally want Rust… perhaps you need to learn how to deal with that, because one of the brutal, inescapable lessons in life is, you can’t always get what you want. It’s unjust, it’s unfair, maybe you even rightfully earned it, but, well, circumstances mean you don’t get it. The appropriate response is to suck it up and figure out an alternative of some sort, even if that means something entirely different. That’s life.

And, if keys should suddenly start showing up because the Rust devs need more testers, jump into the fray. But until then, letting your impulsive desires override your common sense and your obligation to follow the forum rules results in you causing disorder in the forums, and then whatever consequences come with it.

Maybe I sound condescending. But have you noticed how many locked threads there are in the last five pages of this subforum? I’m not sure that the main concern of the community should be trying to ask the Rust devs to change how they distribute keys because it was what the community voted on. News flash: It’s not up to us.

You’re welcome to discuss it, by all means. Please do not think of my comments as a demand to stop post. Again, I may have come across as directly hostile and trolling, and that’s why I edited my post and took pains to point out the edit at the start of this one. I hope I’ve made myself clear, and look at least less an asshole.

If you think frequent banning is a thing that only started happening with this Rust keys business, you need to lurk more around FP and see how this place works. Take a look at the event log at the top of the forum, and just filter by bans. This is only making FP look bad to the Rust key kids who couldn’t be fucked to read the sticky post at the top that reads “HEY LISTEN UP READ THIS OR GET BANNED: Alpha keys and forum rules. Updated July 20th” (emphasis mine) or learn even a single thing about the forum culture of the community they were joining. They came here because they wanted a Rust key, and after they get that, they’ll skate the fuck back on out, until they have a question about Rust, or they want to report a suspected cheater, or they have a technical problem, or they got banned and want to beg. I don’t presume to speak for the FP mods, but I kind of personally feel like FP is going to weather this storm okay.

Thank you, that looks a lot better and more professional.
Again it’s ideas, and there is always the option to Disregard the thread, they don’t have to do it if they don’t want to, or don’t have the time, I just want to get some stress off people and give some positive outlook.
I am doing this as a collage project, I have something else to do just in case as a back up , I am in Electronics Engineering BA, and I studied professionalism, C programming, Algebra, Digital in 22 weeks so far, so I am still a little green.

Hidden option 7 - Remove the Rust subforum and all members who signed up in June/July 2013

Hey im currently a new You Tuber and was going to start my youtube videos by doing a Rust series, sadly i am unable to get a key as they are in high demand. I think its unfair that big youtubers get a key straight away and the little guys dont get nothing.

I would love to be able to but Rust so i voted for number 2 but for now if you have any spare keys that would be great.

thank you for taking your message.
yours sincerely GamingSeanTV.

Yeah, sorry about the extreme lack of nuance and clarity in my original response. I’m a bit smarked, so I have to put that extra bit of focus in to make sure that my complete thoughts hit the screen instead of the condensed “bluh, fuck it, good enough” version. Sometimes you don’t quite realize how your response could be misinterpreted until six seconds after you click ‘post’.

Stick with your education, it’ll be one of the best things you ever do. In addition to just the academic courses you do, the experience of the diverse people you’re going to meet in such an intellectually-tuned atmosphere should be life-changing. Even without the use of drugs. Regardless of whatever differences of opinion you and I might have over petty forum shit, I am 100% behind getting post-secondary schooling. Going to be an awkward transition, but set your sights on your goal and refuse to turn away, it’ll enrich you more than you can comprehend right now.

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I wish you had read the sticky. Soon, so will you.

P.S. Drosky, this is exactly what I was talking about, right here.

I signed up july cause thats when i got Gmod and i found out about rust a few weeks after.

“I wish you had read the sticky. Soon, so will you.”

Yeah i did i was giving my opinion that only big you tubers get Keys which is unfair on the little guys.

We are testers, leave it as it is, if they need more people they will release more keys.

yeah i know im just saying it would be good if you could buy the game now or if i could get a key for youtube, annoying how big youtubers get keys

You know what I find funny? I looked at the results, and what do you know all the people who voted 6 are gold members, and people who most likely already got keys. Guys this game is in early development, beta to be exact. There’s going to be an option to buy rust keys, but not just yet so be patient.

It’s in pre-alpha stage, the fact that you need a ‘beta’ key doesn’t mean that it is in beta. Didn’t you see the game? Doesn’t look all that great, I mean, it is fun and all, but it is missing a lot. Also, it was stated earlier that it is in pre-alpha stage.

As for the people that voted 6. They probably don’t need any more people in-game because it’s already a clusterfuck.

move the subforum to “the bottom of the forums” with DDT and GDI