My Ideas of gameplay changes required

  1. Rust wants it to be a fair playing field, so lets deal with the people who are building these bases ontop of rocks and then removing the staircase. Its unfair, unrealistic and ruins the experience of everyone around them.
  • Perhaps, make it so the toolbox can only block buildings on its physical level on the Xplane, and upwards. In other words, if you put a tool cupboard on a rock, below the rock you can build, until you reach the heigh of the cupboard. This means being on a rock has certain advantages, but removes the rediculous invincibility that currently exists.
  • Some people claim the ability to still raid them, but regardless if its true, its not realistic that someone can just make and remove a box instantly. Lets focus on this, perhaps set a cooldown on boxes to 1 minute before removal?
  1. Can we get some more uses out of bones? Some ideas include:
  • Bone spear, Bone arrows, Bone armour. Possibly a really good late tier of weapons armour, that couples bones with wood and metal? Well this has been updated since then which is good. I would still love Bone arrows…
  1. Recycling furniture item in house, maybe like a bench that can break down items for 50% of their original value, so that collecting stone hatchets/pickaxes can still have some level of benefit for higher tier players.

  2. Make stability clearer.

  • Stability has some serious bugs, that is a key issue
  • The way stability works is very vague. We should have clear precise numbers. If a floor has 3/4 corners supported, it should be 75%. If its 1 corner, it shouldnt stand at all. Anything below 50% should be a collapse.
  1. Make the architecture more creative.
  • For some players, building a base is why we are here. Allow for some more interesting designs… Circle windows, spiral stairs should be a step forward.
  1. Flares
  • Allow for like 20 gunpowder flares, that can be shot nice and high and used as a form of scouting/searching tool. Will be handy at night
  1. Change the airdrop system.
    Right now the airdrop system is a lottery. Only a sector of maybe 5% of our map can reach the drop in time. Make it a lot slower and higher, so that its a bloodbath in the wait fkr the drop.

Perhaps, allow for planes to be able to be shot down. It will be fun having the chaos of assult rifles shooting in the air across the map. Shotdown planes should have more loot perhaps.

10). Animal trophy heads.
Maybe have rare spawns of some animals like lion/cheetah/huge bears/rhinos. And these rare animals, when used with a bone knife will provide a mountable head. Would make for fun hunting and fierce decorations in the base

  1. a big issue with numerous threads on it. probably worth reading through the last few weeks worth to get up to date, theres not much i can say here that wont be a repeat.

  2. agreed. currently only bone knife, but if you check out the description in game for bone, it says tools, awls and a few other things. haven’t seen any concept art, but i would suggest this is only the start of bone gear.

  3. yes, though again been discussed. most people seem to agree with the idea of reclaiming resources from gear that they break down, with various levels of reclamation and systems. for me, i would make it that any item can be “decrafted” to gain back about half of the resources used to make it. takes about the same amount of time as building it, and a workbench speeds up the process (just like crafting)

1 - what mrknifey said
2 - I’d like to see a bone spear or bone armor/helmet
3 - agree to OP! And in addition i’d like to see ressource gain from hitting a wooden or stone wall with a hatchet … why not gain Wood from a wooden wall but from a tree? (could be a replacement for decay :slight_smile: i dont believe emtpy houses would survive long with this mechanism)

I updated! have a read :slight_smile:

  1. It’s not unfair as rock bases are not unraidable. Was home for 1 hour at lunch time and went out and raided a 2 x 2 (that required a twig elevator) on top of a tall 4 story rock in that short time frame. Get creative. There are options that are completely within game mechanics. As far as I’m concerned, rock bases are fair play. If they were truly unraidable, then I’d have an issue with it. They’re just difficult for most people to raid, and only those that can’t figure it out claim they’re impossible.

  2. Agreed. Other than bone knives, it’s currently a worthless resource.

  3. Recycling broken items would be amazing compared to just tossing them away now.

  4. Decay as it is is actually great. What’s not great is that in many cases, there’s no way to counter it. And the current running around with a hammer to repair it is a tedious click fest. That’s the part that needs to be fixed.

  5. Not likely to happen. Not sure if I’m for or against this.

I believe this game rewards players who spend 10 hours a day on this game, instead of the players who spend 2 hours a day. I think it is totally unfair that raiding is far easier than building and defending. They need to fix this system, as I believe they support raiding more than building.

  1. I’m not bent out of shape about the overstone houses, but wouldn’t cry murder for a TC cylinder that didn’t go down so far. Keep in mind this will limit TC placement in towers too.

  2. Never mind top tier–but bone should anchor stone age gear. Especially bone armor–I’ll even call “armour” if that will butter up the devs.

  3. Agree

  4. For abandoned buildings–with a 2-3 realtime day delay–I’d love to let players do their own server cleanup through gameplay. Harvesting ruins would incentivize this process and allow for some cool aging graphics.

  5. Nope on vendor, but love the idea of flags. Steam BPs could make this work.

  1. vendor is too artificial. but i have no issue with craftable clan flags etc. as punch said, could be a use for the steam bps if/when they are trialed.

We have paintable signs Coming Thursday!

Woah. This seriously shows we could either go with stock images, grab some BPs off Steam… or make our flags. The hand-crafted ones would be a pain to mass-produce, but that could make them all the more valuable; it’s not something you crafted by clicking through a menu, but actually drew.

And the materials would be cloth, combined with bones as the pole

I think that the biggest problem about it its that the defensive systems like traps or other things for defense havent reach the development state yet, but looking they now are working on the barricades I suppose they will work soon more on it to later balance it with raiding as it should be.


Updated again

  1. Oh god yes! The current stability system seems to be a cross of bad math, voodoo and luck. Sometimes I can place a wall on top of a something with less than 10% stability and the item will have 2-3% stability. Other times, I’m placing items on a spot with 75+ %, and it breaks on placement. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

  2. I think they’re working on this. Not sure we need fancier stuff. More functional stuff is preferable in my books. Like the 2 new staircases. That’s what I call a good, functional addition to the game.

  3. Signaling flares would be cool. But I’d also be for para-flares. A regular flare, add some cloth for a parachute, fire in the air. As it slowly floats down, it illuminates an area at night.

  4. Not sure about this. Many heights and speeds have been tried. I think the current one is the best so far. Not saying it can’t be improved, but I like this one best.

  5. Meh. Cool visuals, but I prefer stuff that has actual functional use in game. But that’s just me. I tend to prefer items with a practical use vs decorative stuff that does nothing.

Maybe for 10… a tameable animal?

I totally agree with OP, i specially like the harvesting ruins thing, with this the building bug is not a big problem, and is a logical thing in a survival world, why can’t i get wood or stones from a old broken house to build mine?

The horse will be at some point.

  1. Flags / signs sound cool, but capes seem to make it easier to tell friend and enemy apart, and that would be no good change to the gameplay

  2. jeah god please … this random lottery stability is driving me crazy

  3. I’d like to see triangle rooftops …but different windows sound great too …

  4. Flares and Parachute Flairs … I wanna see both implemented …

  5. I don’t think that making it slower or higher will make it more fun … no matter where you play, the airdrop will always be taken by armored guys/groups with arms no matter from how high or how slow it comes down…

  6. sounds absolutely hilarious! I need that one XD

All over all I like 90% of your ideas! nice thread!

Thanks for the feedback.

Couple of questions on your opinion, what is it exactly about 5 you dont like?

And in terms of 9, even if it is only “armoured” or “grouped” players who win the drop, at least it will be an even playing field in terms of location. Perhaps, more then 1 group will fight each other, so its not a walk in the park no matter how powerful you or your team is.