My ideas!

So here is a list of some of my ideas, may of them have already been said. Please read the hole list before commenting some dumb stuff

Melee Weapons:
Knifes - Fast and agile with common damage, but requiers that enemy is very close to you.
Machete - Not as fast and agile as the knife but makes more damage. Can also be used to gain wood.
Tree staffs - Fast and agile but low damage.
Iron pipe - Not as fast and agile as the tree staff but makes more damage.
Sledgehammer - Heavy and slow (one swing per 3,5 seconds), makes high damage and requiers more calories per swing than the pickaxe. Can also be used to gains resourses from rocks.
Pickaxe - Should only be able to be a melee weapon and gain resourses from rocks. Not from wood.

Range Weapons:
Longbow - Used for longer ranges.
Crossbow in tree or metal.
Shortbow - Used for shorter ranges.
Throwing knifes - For short range. Higher damage than the usual knife.
Mortar - For medium to long range. Have little more damage than grenades.
Sniper rifles - And not just a Bolt action that exists already.

Weapon attachments:
Diffrent silences.
Bipod and Tripod.
2x, 3.4x, 4x, 8x, 12x and 24x scopes. One scope can be zoomed in and out from 3.4x to 8x.
Grips with diffrent abilities.
RDS sight.
Nightvision scope.
Diffrent mag sizes.
Duckbill on shotgun that can be placed verticaly and horizontal.
Able to remove and add attachment when close you are close to a workbench.
Able to paint or camoflage the weapon.

Improvised armor with metal plates with diffrent qualities
Kevlar armor should look like real kevlar outfits and not just a black sweater and pants.
Armor can be painted or camoflaged.
Able to have slots and satchels for arrows, ammo, granades etc. in the armor, wich are visable to other players.
Backpacks gets bigger the more you have in it.
Wearable lanterns (http://•••••••••com/pkelhah)
Pelt armor/clothers can be crafted and can be weared over the armor. Pelt armor/clothers dont give players more resistans to bullets, explosions or radiations. Its gives only cover from cold.
The more (and heavier) armor you wear the slower you can move or sprint.
The more you have in the backpacks the slower you can move.
The more you wear (both armor and backpack) the faster the calories will be drained.

Tools for resourses:
Saw - Can only be used to gain wood and to make wood planks. Its the fastest tool to use on wood. Requiers 30 metal fragments or 10 low quality metal and 20 wood to craft.
Pickaxe hammer - Can only be be used to gain resourses. Is the fastes tool to use on rocks (http://•••••••••com/ocnm82h)
Cleaver or a meat knive - Can only be used to gain resourses from animals. Is the fastest tool to gain resourses from killed animals.

Animals and nature:
Animals gets hurt. If for example a deer gets hit by a arrow in the head it will bleed to death after a while, it will also run slower if it is hits the legs.
Wolves and bears can get more aggresive for some seconds when hit on a less vurnable place. They can also bleed to death but takes way much longer time to die than deers.
Some wolves and bears are more acceptable than others and will not attack at once (but is haphazardly). Instead it will roar or something and if the player doesnt go away it will attack after a few seconds.
You will get bear meat from bears, wolve meat from wolves and so on. Not chicken meat. Diffrent meats also gives more or less calories.
If a killed animal isnt “farmed” by a player the meat will rotten after a while.
More diffrent animals, like wild dogs, birds (that can be killed and gain resourses from) elks (aggressive, but not as aggressive as bears and wolves)
There is diffrent wood types, woods that are better and harder for building (gives more HP), some are better, more effective and efficient for furnace and campfires (but all sorts of woods can be used for builings and cooking etc.)
Some rocks shows if it contains more sulfur, stones or metal than other rocks.
Rocks can be found near mountains. Sulfur, metal and stones can also be gathered in small abadoned mining areas and caves.
Caves can be found in moutains or near the coast. Caves are not very deep. Lets say about 20-30 meters (100-130 feets) deep.
Bears and wolves can also be found in caves.
Wood can be found in forests or near trees.
Wolves are more active at night and walks around. Wolves randomly howls at night, so players have a little easier to know were the wolves are then.
Fish can be found in lakes and ponds.
Fishes can be cooked or used as bait for bear traps.
Pelt can be collected by bears.
Weather - It can rain, snow, be storm, lightning, foggy. Autum, summer, fall and winter seasons depends on what season it is in real life. But servers can also turn it off and on or just have autum and summer etc.
In winter its easier to get cold. In summer you can get to warm. Being to cold or to warm drains calories faster.

Doors can be crafted with a smal window.
Also able to craft windows with smaller windows.
Able to reinforce walls, doors and windows with more wood after placing the wood parts.
Also able to have the metal window bars horizontal.
To craft a door you also need hinge and handle.
Able to craft glass, to us it on windows and doors with smal windows, instead of window bars. Windows with glass can also be opened with a hinge and handle. (Look at “Other” further down)
Glass can be hardened or reinforced with iron wires.
Candles or torches that can be attached to walls.
Candle or torch crowns that can be attached to ceilings.
Lanterns can be attached to ceilings, walls or placed on the ground. You can also pick it up after it is placed or attached.
Able to have hidden storage room under the foundations.
Ladders in wood or metal.
Ceilings with a opening for ladders.
Ceilings with a opening can also have “doors”.
Tables and chairs, makes it possible to eat food faster (Look at “Other” further down)
You can build a electricity genarator (requiers a HUGE amount of resourses) outside your house, wich makes it possible to have electricity in your house and use lamps.
The electricity genarator runs by fuel. Low grade fuel is not effective and dont last for long. Medium grade fuel is medium effective and last for longer than low grade. High grade fuel is most effective and last longest (but also requiers much more to craft).
The electricity generator is stationary and cant be moved. The first parts for the generator must be placed on the ground before you can continue to build on it. And were the first parts are placed, is were the generator will be stationary. It can only be one generator to each house. Generators cant be shared with other houses.
You can build stone walls (not the building part)
You can build stone walls (the building part), windows, foundations and ceiling (no stone pillars can be bild)
To build stone walls (the building part) you need wooden pillars (wooden pillars can be build on stone foundations). To make stone ceilings requiers also wooden beams.
You can build mud windows, foundations and ceilings, by mixing sand and water (no mud pillars can be build)
You need wooden pillars to build mud parts. To make mud ceilings you also need wooden beams.
Mud houses are the weakest, wood houses is the second weakest, stone houses is the second strongest and metal houses are the strongest.
You can build chests. They have more storage slots than the small box and less than the large once.
You can stack small storage boxes on eachother.
Instead of codes to open doors you need to craft keys. The one who have build the door can automaticly open the doors without having any key. Keys can be given to other players (or looted) to give access for others to enter your house or that you can enter other houses. If you use wrong key to wrong keyhole, the key will get damaged or destroyed. A key can be successfully used on 20 doors until it gets destroyed. A player can only create the same key ot all doors. You cant research other players keys.
Storage boxes and chests that are inside a house can be locked by a key OR a code.
Lockpicks can be used on locked doors and locked storage boxes and chests (open doors with lockpicks can probably be able later in the game i think)
You can build a tent with leather and camoflage it with camoflage nets.
Camoflage nets is crafted by cloth and leaves (leaves is gain when collecting wood).
One floored houses can also be covered with camoflage nets.

House defence:
Traps - Like claymores and such
Able to attach a machinegun in a window. But you cant attach a machinegun were its already is windowbars or glass window. The machinegun can be removed. It can even be stolen by a enemy (but takes time). Machinegun also using other bullets than 556.
Sandbags - Can be crafted by crushing stones and have the sand in leather satchels. Stops about 90% of all bullets. Also have a durability. Sandbags can be placed everywere. Machineguns can also be placed on it.
You can also dig smal holes with a shovel in the ground near your house. And when another player walks in to it he will get injured (moves slower) but will not lose health. Sharp metal fragments and spikes can be in these holes and also make other players bleed.

**Other: **
Cooked food takes time to eat.
Warm food gives more calories.
Glass can be made by first crushing stones to sand and later melt the sand in the furnace.
Hardened glass windows can be crafting by having two glass windows in a furnace. When you melting sand in the furnace it will become a glass window, i know. But to make hardened windows you need to pick up the glass into your backpack and then put it back ina furnace but i a furnace were sand isnt melted.
A small armed traveling group of NPCs (2-3 NPCs) is traveling on the road. By killing them you can get random loot, except heavy weaponry. Most common are food and resourses.

This is all my ideas for now. Ill try to update my list when i get some more ideas. I hope you like them! :slight_smile:

Great ideas man! I would only request C4 and automatic weapons were much harder to come by. In fact even pistols should be rarer. Just my personal preference though.

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Oh and polearms! I would love to see spears and longer edged weapons. If someone runs at you they get skewered!

I’d really love to see a Sniper Rifle and Scopes. Further some traps for your home defense highly necessary.

Also would be nice to have some attachment for bows so you can shoot with them more accurate.

-A Molotov Cocktail (crafted with any-grade fuel and paper)
-A Screwdriver (to attach/remove weapon mods)
-Wood/Metal fences
-Signs/Billboards (so you can show to someone that you sell/trade stuff)
-Coal (a better fuel and a crafting material to craft better torches)
(I’ll throw more ideas, add them if you want)

Along the lines of Molotov, fire hot, fire burns. I should be able to build a bunch of campfires around a base as a defense. Sure water can put them out if someone has water on them but otherwise they should burn a little!