My ideas

I’m fond of this game, the aspect of survival and self determination, the risk taking part to meet new player

So, let me start this suggestion with a commodity: Vehicles, for the kind of vehicle i imagine a wooden frame, wheels etc and blueprints for each and you can customise that “cart” exemple with enough space to fit things in the back, like a pick up with 2 large chest in the back… or furnaces, let the player place and build their vehicle, let their be alot of blueprints for parts… and later, if balistas or catapults are in, make it fit into the back too! make lock and code locks fit on the doors so you dont get it stolen, also make a new Building block “Bay Door” so we can make garage, vehicle wouldnt be too mcuh of a mean of transportation, but storage and making big runs of materials, you feel me?

Also, another suggestion that would make alot of sense, we should be able to scrap things, for exemple scraping a salvage hammer give you 20 wood, a hatchet give you 10 metal frag and 20 wood, also able to scrap clothing, so when you raid and you cant bring all the good things, you can still scrap it all to raw materials, for exemple a Urban Pants would give a 1/4 of the total cost of ressource for the object to be made

A simple ui would do the trick for that i assume

Other thing Sickness: radiation sickness when irridiated, when you are in the cold for too long you get the Cold and walk a lil slower and cant sprint forever and your weapon sway more, sleeping makes you regen hp and cure illness with time

Also, we need to find a solution against constant wipes while getting new content, because i lose all my player base each monday in my server

I’m not too good in English, if you are still with me right now, you have my respect and im sincerly sorry to have given you a headache and i love this game, i’m really fond of it and i follow everything, twitter playrust etc
So if my ideas can help my favorite game, i wouldnt care they take my ideas i would love it! i dont care about money, i live for fun, not money and rust is very well made

To Legacy to experimental i had been there, and will always be

If you liked my thought or have one of your own, please comment down below

Sincerly from Sébastien Daneau aka Alowne from Quebec - Canada

Agree with the vehicles on one condition, that they are pedal powered :). They would be the fastest and durability would last the longest on the road. Same thing for boats, they had to be those pedal powered swans you would always see in lakes in parks etc. haha
I think these would fit rust if they were considering vehicles in that they aren’t that serious and a much easier mechanism to make than a petrol car.

Many of these ideas have already been discussed, and are in the mind map or trello concept art. Take a look at those.