My interpretation for the most whiny community ever

It is no secret that, since the release of Rust on steam, there was a hype about the game pretty much everywhere. I have been part of some other alpha communities before, but I have never seen a community as enthusiastic about an alpha game as this one. The sentence “this game has so much potential” has been written countless times on this forum and all other forums about the game.

The long lack of games with open world unlimited pvp with as much freedom as possible has let a considerable part of the gaming community in need of a new game for years. Rust came to fill this gap. I’m not even sure if it was Garry’s intention but that’s what has happened. Due to it’s freedom on pvp and the crafting “innovation”, Rust has conquered more than customers. It has conquered fans!

And here is what this topic is all about. Fans are passionate. Rust fans absolutely love the game. We see the big potential of the game and we get hungry for more. We want more, and that’s why, on the last months, we have seen so MANY people whining on forums about the development of the game. It is kinda comprehensive, isn’t it? Of course there are people who exaggerate on their complaints, but I’d bet their complaints are exaggerated because their LOVE for the game is exaggerated as well. Too much passion for the game. That’s what has been happening on the past months.

In some sense, we are Garry’s kids. We will whine, we will cry, but that’s because we expect very much from our hero and his game. So hey, I’m here just to ask all of the community to be more kind on forums. When that “first post guy” comes and complains about the pillar barricade trick, instead of making fun of him and vomitting on his face that it is alpha, try to explain the situation and be more kind, ok? Remember he is probably loving the game as much as you.

Let’s be more kind with each other and wait for the next updates. I mean, most of us would probably kill on sight each other in game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends on forum and make it a better place, right? Garry (our dad) would be proud.

If you liked my topic, “friendly” is the appropriate tag to rate. Geez, love is in the air. I’m sure the most whiny community ever is lovely.

I agree, but vomiting in people’s faces is just so much fun. :zoid:


Open the rust forum and look at how many of the topics should be in a sub forum. Repeat for a few days. At one point your just completely done with the kids shitting on the floor.

Yes, I understand that. But hey, it is not like it is always the same “kid”. It’s different kids who get into the game all the time.

Yes, let’s all join hands and have a peaceful discussion when people have no regards for the rules that are clearly outlined for them!

That isn’t how it works here, OP. There are PLENTY of sources given in the rules section that show what is being worked on, people need more patience, not a helping hand.

Friendly, yeah, I’m friendly. We’re all friendly…
loads pipe shotgun