My issues with Sleepers Servers.

I love the idea of Sleeper servers, it works and it makes sense. Although, once again, like every new feature that is added, it is harder for new players. Bambis are expected to have a full fledged, protected house? What about the people like me? I have a real life outside of Rust. I have a Geek Squad agent and I am in school. When I play, I can only play for a couple hours and there is no way I can have a huge house by then. Hell, I may not even have a metal door blueprint. I love the idea but this is just my complications so far. It’s cool to have the option of sleeping servers as a more difficult but still keep the old ones. I think the idea of sleepers servers is a cool idea but needs to be worked on. I think it is cool bambis can’t do what I did the other day while playing, I jumped on and heard a plane and grabbed the drop while the kevlars were fighting and logged off so I didn’t die while running with the loot. Nor can people take all their important stuff when they leave the server, which makes raiding tons more fun. Again, I love the idea but it needs to be worked on a bit.

What do you guys think? I feel like this game is being made for the no lifers and not the casual gamers like me. If you want a game to be successful you need to have it for both kinds of players.

It think you should wait and see how the development team adresses the “gamers with life” issue.

im getting real tired of all your posts that never have good content. :suicide:

Oh, okay. Why do you keep opening them then. You know it is a free country and you are free to fuck off.

I my self am a “Casual Gamer” and I say bring on the pain.
To many games are going soft and I miss the good old days were you spent so much time playing knowing that one wrong move and bam back to point 1.

I would say its safe to bet that their end goal is not to make it were you have to be on 24/7 to stay on top. Like said before stuff will be added to help out with home defense (traps and turrets).

Right now you are going to have to change your game play, no more snag and log.

Gary himself addressed this on the main page. It’s his game and he’s asking us to trust him to make it and to stop with all the sleeper posts. The decision has been made, let’s move on.

I understand this. That is why I posted about it. I am an alpha tester, I am allowed to have suggestions.

Oh, Okay… i guess its Welcome to the United Universe of America then :pwn:

why do you have to argue with people? if you do not like what the guy is posting then dont read it and dont comment on it, simple.

I think the solution to this problem is team work. Make some friends/join clan and work together. If you are offline, have someone else build/watch ur back. I know its hard but its a survival game. Also according to Garry’s announcement on main page, we will have more security and probably a system to alert us if our house is compromised.