My keyboard is messed up?

Whenever I load up GMOD and type any letter a-z on my keyboard in steam or in game, it goes through numbers 1-9 in order no matter what letter I press (this includes affecting in game controls involving 1-9). If I press numbers, it goes through the symbols in order.

Also, whenever I make a game and press w to go forward, my character moves forward but does not stop no matter what. The only way to steer is to use the mouse.

I just bought Windows 7 32-bit and I noticed the movement error in Minecraft also. My computer meets all requirements. Please help!
( The only addons I have are a few maps, ulx/ulib, and wiremod)

Go to Options -> Keyboard -> Use Defaults and it should take care of your keybinding issues

Still not working, somebody please help! I really wanna play gmod!

Does this happen when entering input in text fields, such as Internet Explorer?

No. Just in-game with Garry’s mod. I haven’t tried any other games with it yet. Except minecraft, and it has the same issues.

sorry… double post… but please?! Can someone please help?! anyone at all?!