My Lag Spikes...

Okay so on Rust, I have an okay (I guess) toshiba laptop that runs fine on averaging 40fps and i find that fine. the only thing is every 20-30 seconds i drop from between 5fps - 15fps. It is really annoying because i cannot aim and it is just hard to play. the thing is it’s on lots of other games like Garry’s Mod and more games I play but on Rust, it almost makes me unable to play. I have lowered all my settings to the lowest possible and i really need help. PLEASE someone help me :).

Does the fps drops happen when you get near a base and it’s loading?

What are your laptop specs? Running Garrys Mod isn’t a good example of your power, that game has very little requirements. Averaging 40fps doesn’t leave much headroom for battles so I’m not surprised you drop pretty low. If you google rust performance tweaks you’ll find several posts with examples of what you can try.

The specs aren’t very good (don’t know what it’s specs are) but all i gotta say is i play decently and i’m happy in every game for about 30 seconds (every thirty seconds) until i get a lag spike again. The thing is it’s not just in rust but i decided to make it in this post because it shouldn’t happen and it irritates me so much in Rust. any ideas now?