My Lastest Stuff

Just testing my posing and lighting, so c&c as always dudes & lady-dudes.

The Ellis Model always has little to no detail on his face. Kinda bugs me everytime.

Yeah I agree with you on that, blame Valve.

Yeah wasn’t blaming you, just saying lol.

Thats why Nick is in the front of Ellis in those two pics, but the Hard-Boiled Ellis model is pretty sweet.

But I will be trying to do a reskin of Ellis at some point, give him some more details.

“My latest stuff” would be correct if you mean that these are your new pictures.
“My last stuff” would be correct if you mean to quit garrysmod/screenshot thingy doing.

Posing + Editing is pretty damn good, but most of them consists only two persons.

Some interesting lighting, but the angle and somewhat of the composition really kills them for me. Also starfox’s posing is really bugging me; too stiff and still for a intense, fluid scene.

First is pretty great though.

…Is there something wrong with that?