My latest Collection

Got a new computer recently hence why I havent posted in awhile and here a some test screenies I’ve done, all of which are in game, no photoshop at the moment cause just testing. C&C if you kindly.

I really like the last one, makes me think of a futuristic S.W.A.T equivalent police force in Japan hunting down a serial killer.

That’s pretty much what I was going for either someone murderd or someone offed by an assassin. Or the guy had a rather nasty accident…it can happen.

I agree with Kinggrim,the last one is the best,although in my opinon the bigger guy in the back(or at least looks bigger)should have had some kind of mg.He looks like a heavy/support troop.

Have you seen Private Jenette Vasquez from Aliens? She’s a little lady who carrys a big gun. Just cause he’s a big fellow doesn’t mean he should have big gun. But hey anyones opnion is valid…unless that person is Hitler.

What models and map did you use on last pic? c:

Thats a movie,most movies aren’t very acurate considering they like to hollywood everything up.the reason big guys carry big guns is because they have the muscles to carry all that extra ammo and a heavy weapon so they tend to be a support role but its just my opinon.

And this is based on game, which itself isn’t very accurate. You talk of only big guys carry the big guns and ammo, that itself is seen generally in games, look at Heavy from TF2. But most real life armys could have a guy built like a brick shit-house and make him carry just your standard M4 compared to a S.A.W. So Vasquez using the smart-gun is believable as its the weapon she trained with but she also is versed in the pulse rifle and V9 pistol used in the films.

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Blacklight models can be found on and the map is caled nt_isolation from the Neo-Toyko mod for HL2. The weapons are BF2142 Weapons also on and the dead body is from Jasons Big Model Pack or whatever its called.

hm good point,ah well anyway the pictures do look nice and have good use of lens flares.