My latest plane

Im not saying what it is just watch the video. Im pretty happy with this one, so i hope you guys like it.

Show us an unmaterialised pic.

But yeah, it looks good.

But then you will know how i made it :-P, I might actually release this one but im not sure yet.

The wings are alright but apart from that it’s one of the shittest planes i’ve ever seen

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Awesome job man, I like it.

your “Blackbird” thread is full of flame about how shit it is…lol

No, show it to us so we know you aren’t using a custom model. You aren’t hiding anything from us, we could easily make one if we wanted to.

I’d say it’s decent, but like most other Gmod videos, it doesn’t need music to go with it. We came to see the contraption, not listen to music. The only thing that bothers me is that the seat in the cockpit is off and looks strange when flying around.

Lol, I find it funny that everyone is starting to claim the really good contraptions are models because they can’t make anything near that level and whine because of it.

The wings look awesome and therefor are custom, the body looks bad and therefor is bad building. Don’t use custom props (if you did) and to make a shallower body to it, because it looks like a smooshed grape with a baterang stuck through it… And please show it unmaterialized 'cause people don’t like secrets.

LOL its not a model, if you can even find a model close to that for gmod then ill shoot you a screen shot. Also the cockpit seat isnt off center at all, the glass on that part is just made that way. It is perfectly centered. I used the small plane nose cone from transportation props if you want to look at it for yourself.

Appreciate all the comments so far!

What difference would it make if it were a custom model or not? Phx is custom models…

Besides, modeling takes more skill than throwing them together to make something in game.

They are implying that he didn’t make the aircraft, as in he just made one large model fly. This is the contraptions subform as well, which is making things out of smaller props to make something large, like the ever popular tank.

Are you kidding?



edberg is cuban, cubans dont know their shit

Your ideas and creativity always leave me in awe.
I probably would play Gmod more if I hadn’t drained my brain of good ideas. As you know, I usually just sit in game talking and jumping on random people’s creations.


Tried your “base” on sax’s server. Handles really good.

Thanks brax, i always enjoy BSing with you anyway :-p

Thanks Kp, Ill probably make some kind of release for that so noobs can make their creations fly easier. Hopefully it will help them learn how to make their own also.

Added a new pic in the original post, thought it was kinda cool.

The new picture is awesome.

Look’s real awesome -snip-