My lights bring all the zombies to the streets.. + bonuses

  • I tried to make it look like it’s night. Just some Color Mod, dunno if it’s good :confused:

-Lamp removed and a little change of angle


ODST models test

Some Mafia guy…

Vroom Vroom…

In da car

EVERYTHING is In-game editing only.


Why is the light grey? Don’t lower the brightness of your picture, especially after merging the light layers down.

Thanks for advice.

Im posting because this has effort and zombies.
Nice picture, keep going man youre gonna go far!

Tone the SDOF down a bit, the new one tends to fuck up badly when set too high. Otherwise nice angle and posing.

The game was incredible lagging, thanks to lamps, light and SDOF. So I think it was set on 3.48something… I usually use 2.5 but since it was lagging that hard I couldn’t even type 2.5 in…yeah but I still think it end up pretty nice.

Try to turn off all the lights and all, set up the SDOF, then activate again, should do the trick.

Yeah, tried to do that…the lights won’t work atleast for me…

  • Comments on the bonuses? PLEASE.

I really like the Mafia one, the others are good and would deserve single threads.

And damn right, it’s better than yours!

I would kill you, but I would have to charge!

Yes, that’s what I was thinking when I was making this pic :confused: