My Linux+Server 06/17 update experience - The Good & the bad

Ok so, 1st, please next time could you post a changelog ? I knew game has been updated when seeing version on upper screen, and don’t know of any changes made :s

Now, the good :

  • Camera going randomly up to the sky or down to the floor when pressing Esc, Enter or Tab 2 times has been corrected and it’s cool because it was very annoying
  • Lag peeks that some said was coming from a realtek audio driver is almost gone and it’s REALLY cool, because some areas were totally unplayable (rad town…)

And the bad :

  • P250 reloads itself after each shot
  • grass is buggy : it appears and disappears randomly when moving, quantity is the same, but it just pops and vanish *corrected in todays patch

For the server :

  • Naming has totally changed : no more colors, has to start with a number or a standard character, otherwise it won’t appear is server list in game :s
  • I don’t know on Oxide, but on Magma, all plugins are broken (weird because servers weren’t updated) *corrected by uninstalling/reinstalling Magma

That’s my “patch experience” for now, will surely add some stuff as I’ll will play a bit more.

Change log