My Little Atrocity: Terror is Forever


I think this belong in the Troll pose thread. But it’s actually pretty funny.

Funny/corrupted images are not automatically troll poses. Neither is this one since I put effort into this.

no offense but putting effort into a troll pose does not prevent it from being a troll pose

What if I never had intentions of making it related to trolling in the first place?

this doesn’t classify as a troll pose

Oh god this image just made my whole day.

Thread music?

Needs more corrupted sounds.

immortal gordon freedog

the one free pony

For some reason, this picture reminds me of that one thread where that guy messed with TF2 models and posted their different phases. That was fun, and so is this.

Got a link? I am intrigued.

no offense but no one cares about your opinion

Just kidding, I intended for that to be offensive.

It is funny, lemmun.

Just because it isn’t a picture of a solider shooting off-screen doesn’t mean it’s a troll pose.

Is he fighting THE Sculpture?

SCP 173? Yes he is.