My little Demon: Bullets is Magic



Artoym and his trusty steed, reigning terror on the wasteland since 2033!

“Chyort,Atryom shoot those guys!”
“Damn,Artyom you have one sexy back”
“Keep this suka under control,Artyom!”
“Artyom,do everything!”

Magical as fuck.

Riding bitches every night.

i used to wonder what friendship could be
until you shared your vodka with me

Best title 10/10

and i was expecting a shitty mlp pose

not if it’s by ninja nub

Damn dude, where’d you get all the sexy Metro models?

You’re making me jealous with those metro models. Hilarious picture though :stuck_out_tongue:

toktoktoktok artyom d’artagnan shoot em

I was half expecting an immature, overdone image of a Demon shooting and murdering ponies.

Pleasantly surprised. Nice work lad!

This is glorious.

hey now Devil Traitor might get offended

I was expecting that too you know.

Ohuenno blyad’ !