My little multigaming community :)

So, I closed that pile of shit I used to own and opened up brand new LimeFruit. I was going to achieve something that you can’t get anywhere else. Not a crappy server virtually created with CoderHire lego… So I was like… Ahh shit, CBC shutdown I love that thing. So I was like, lets use CBC gamemodes. So that was sorted pretty easily. But shortly after people were like, arken you play so much CSS JB and I was like well yeahhhh but… “Why not open a CSS JB server!!!” And I was like Na… Uhhh… Actually…

So I got a little dev server and whipped up a cool CSS JB server with Hosties and Team balance and warden and shit and was like… When I get paid I will host it. And then someone came along like… I want to make another MC server. I miss hosting them so much… And he was like… Let me run a MC server under LimeFruit’s name. And I was like, make it look cool and playable without loads of shitty addons then yes. So now we are gonna have users spread across Garry’s Mod, CSS and Minecraft… But then I thought… What if it doesn’t work… What if me fail like Justin Beeebir.

So… my point is. Do Multigaming communities work well. If you owned one, how did it work out.

Sorry that it is so long and stuff I am just really tired…

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Most communities with more than a couple servers are multigaming I think. It works just fine as long as the upper staff care.

So I was like… And I was like… So then I was like… And I was like…

Multi game servers can be fine if the owners are smart.

…So don’t run one.

Thank you for telling me that you can tell I’m stupid because I say “So I was like…” When I’m tired. I am a awesome story teller I know! :dance:

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I could understand why this would help, thank you.

You shouldn’t think about getting a multiserver community till you can be 100% sure you can afford a server and manage it well. Then expand one server at a time, each server increases your work and stress load by a ton.

when you open up a whole lot of servers at once, your staff/development team gets spread too thin and you can’t give every server the attention it deserves. Setting up servers 1-by-1 allows you to manage donations more easily and also lets you observe staff/players/addons closely in order to improve the experience. Once you’ve raised a server to a point where it can sustain itself, you have a better idea of what your community’s playerbase wants for your next server.

each server just needs some good old TLC :slight_smile: