My Little Rust Rant

Ok, so recently ive seen a bunch of threads popping up about adding new guns, melee weapons, fire based weaponry, etc.

All this is good but, this game is quickly becoming Wasteland from ArmA2. Everyone is constantly asking for more guns and materials to kill others rather than focusing on the point of the game. Its supposed to be a survival game with a bunch of creepy things trying to kill you, it is not supposed to be Battle Craft Of Duty.

Lately things have been getting hectic on the forums because people are complaining about KOS, and large groups constantly raiding people and blah blah blah…

So rather than constantly trying to get the Devs to add more and more to PvP why not try and give them ideas on what to add to the general environment of the game. Zombies are supposed to be placeholders for now until they can start making new enemies to put in the environment, and i feel that the alpha is the best time for them to be working with different types of creatures/mutants/etc… The devs recently (well not recently recently but still…) added bears and wolves and this was a good step forward, even though they pose about the same threat as zombies (which is about no threat). Adding more to the environment to make starting out even harder might push people to actually work in small groups rather than KOS people right after a wipe. If you make the game kinda difficult to handle alone people might think twice about KOSing people that could help them.

Also so far i havent seen anything explaining what the story of the game is (if its out there somewhere and i missed it im sorry) and this has got me thinking about a bunch of questions about how the environment should work. Why are we on this island/peninsula/whatever you wanna call it? How did we get here? Why did we come here naked? Why is radiation so spread out and what caused these “Zombies” to become a thing? and some other questions. Without knowing these basic things we also cant give accurate ideas if we cant figure out why these things are happening. Some people have talked about how military weapons (or the crafting of said weapons) are unrealistic in this environment, but how can we know that for sure. What if this was a war zone that got corrupted and the people sent to the island are genetically engineered soldiers that are supposed to combat the blah blah blah threat and whatever, they could have the knowledge to craft military weaponry? Others have talked about different things to do to zombies and players, like if a player dies they come back as a zombie, but we dont know what kind of “Zombies” we are dealing with. Right now my best guess would be infected humans, the humans that got involved with the radiation got sick and the radiation poisoning shut down (or killed off) most of their brains functions aside from the natural instincts to consume and survive, i believe this might be the case because if they were your standard rising from the dead zombies, shots to the body wouldnt be able to kill them.

I love this game and i can see it going places in the future if the right ideas get tossed around.

So yea that was my little rant i might add a little more here and there but yea. Ive been holding onto it for a while now, but i really think the game should focus on what the people are supposed to be surviving in this unknown area rather than just how to get people guns and explosives and see what happens. Most of this was personal opinion and speculation so hit me with your comments and tell me what you guys think. Be as harsh as you need to be.

To be honest I was a bit scared of reading into this but I agree for the most part, I am part of a big group that can at times be harsh and outright raid something we know we don’t need, In Rust it is strange how it truly has an end game since when I log off I have no fear of being raided with my groups layout etc, but that aside…

The story would be nice, I’m in no way having a go at the Developers for not giving us a story since it’s not necessary compared to game play of course.

I would love to see something push players to work together for a reason other than having more players than the other groups which in my groups defense isn’t about numbers since we have a good mesh of teamwork but a lot of groups out there will now roll 10+ at a time just to counter it, fair enough to them. (Something more game affecting than blood transfusions in DayZ would be great)

At the same time as the game becoming less of a PvP mash up the PvP in Rust is actually unique in itself so I really don’t want it gone entirely or hard to find I guess, I have read on the forums about seperate islands with different loot values which when I think about it now might be great, bigger and ballsier groups would move to the high value areas and smaller groups would build there way up because who doesn’t want high value stuff?

I guess I sort of ranted along with you but basically I do agree with what you say, especially the part of focusing on the right things right now, experimenting instead of appeasing somebodies apparent epiphany of adding a flame rocket launcher or something ridiculous,
Nice ideas even though we might scare people off with the novels we have here

I kinda stopped reading here, but I have to ask - Is this your game since you make this statement?

As far as I know there is no rulebook for Rust, yet no guidance of it being a game with no wars/pvp going on within it.

To tell you the truth, PvP is what really makes this game so much fun for a lot of people, I could go on and on why that is, but mainly I wanna stick to this topic.

If this is’nt your game, What makes you to tell others what to do and not do?

EDIT: Iris, Diaz tells you to get on teamspeak. - Happy now Diaz? lol

Haha alright ty for the update xD

If you finished reading you would have gotten to the part where i explained this was all personal opinion and speculation. Im not telling anyone how to make their game, all i did was voice what I personally felt could take this game to greater heights.

I respect your view on this game, and yes some people enjoy the PvP in this game as it is, but i never said remove PvP all i said was make the environment harsher so PvP might become less of a thing. Even if this was the case it wouldnt stop anyone from PvPing the way they want to.

Also i know this isnt my game, its garrys game, but even more than that it is the communities game. If garry had the resources and the willpower he could make his vision of rust and just do what he wanted without listening to anyone,but he chooses to let us voice our opinions. Every person’s input is what is building this game.

Uh, it’s worth pointing out that at this point, the devs care about making the engine work and bashing on it until it does everything they want it to do. I would not be surprised if the final game called Rust looks little like the naked screaming man-with-rock KOS glitch grief shitfest it is right now.

Right now, there is no direction and much of the stuff in the game basically amounts to placeholder assets. We also have the legacy of the Summer of Rust Idiots which continues to this day, caused by a lot of misplaced viral hype about how Rust was supposedly DayZ + Minecraft made by Garry of Garry’s mod, and people have actually posted in this subforum that they can’t explain a single reason why, but they have to get a Rust key (before they were for sale). This does not make for a sophisticated playerbase, especially one in a game with no balance mechanics or spawn protection.

I can’t speak for the devs, but I think they have other priorities at the moment.

Even though the devs are working on the engine, they have still been listening to us and adding a bunch of things to the game. They want to hear our opinions and they want to make the best game they can make. The problem is the main things being brought up are all about “Lets find a way to stop KoS” or “Omg do something that stops big clans from being OP” or “We need more weapons so that we can slaughter people and raid more”.

If people want to play a game that badly where all you do is run around and shoot people there are literally millions of them on the internet. The PvP in rust right now is perfect, so i dont see why people are trying to add or take away from it. The only issue is the games environment doesnt do anything and aside from a post from like back in June or July thats buried somewhere in this forum, no one is giving the devs any ideas on what to add to the game to make the environment harsher. Like i stated in my earlier post, zombies are not a threat bears and wolves are not a threat and everyone can figure this out pretty easily. The only time these things are a threat is if you have just a stone or stone hatchet, if you get a hatchet/pick axe/9mm pistol, the only things you have to worry about now is other players and being careless.

Basically im just trying to point the rust forum community onto focusing on something different for a while. Since the game came out most of the discussions are about “Adding to PvP” or “Takeing away from PvP” or “Trying to fix PvP” (killing, raiding, and griefing all fall into this category of PvP) but the PvP in the game works exactly how it should. If i find you i have a chance to kill or be killed, i get your stuff or you get mine, rinse and repeat. There isnt much that could change that. So rather than trying to alter PvP, give them ideas on what types of monsters/mutants/wildlife/etc. they could add to the game or if you come up with other ideas non-combat related pitch those and get feed back.

Ill take as much criticism as needed but i do believe that this game is only becoming what we make it and if we dont start getting more diverse ideas out there things might not move forward as much.

I agree that there should be a wider story eventually and that needs more depth. I think different islands would also be cool and you would need to craft a boat or raft to get there. Said Island could have great loot but i don’t think people should be able to live there permanently. It should have a high level of radiation or something that would make living there permanently impossible (perhaps on the island you cannot log out because you die or something) I think this would create an area of intense fighting and perhaps move some of the main PVP away from those focused on getting a roof over their head and some gear. Perhaps each island could have different loot as well as you mentioned.

I’m not sure where you’re coming from in terms of NPC’s are you saying there should be some kind of instance that players can join and get loot at the end. For instance clearing out Rad town of zombies, werewolves, mutants or whatever?

Personally I think it’s too easy to get and craft endgame gear. I don’t go on forums much it’s probably been discussed before.

what do you mean it’s supposed to be? do you mean in your opinion?

Iris, I raided your base last night…

This was a nice thread until you 2 got involved haha

as ive stated twice in my posts on this thread. Yes this is all my personal opinion and speculation, but that opinion is based on information garry provided very early on saying that zombies would just be placeholders till he was able to add more creepy things to the game.

Yeah I was told, you got all my stuff definitely… you blew through 3 metal doors and DEFINITELY GOT EVERYTHING, blowing some doors up doesn’t mean you succeeded :slight_smile: you were far off of getting anything valuable, the side of the house you raided was my friends and he laughed that you left his pistol because it has sentimental value while I just laughed that you got nothing, nice raid

Iris, I never claimed that we took everything. Please refrain from putting words in my mouth. We probed your defenses with a minimal amount of charges. It was a quick in-and-out raid.

We got more from that raid than you got when you raided us. I consider M4s, kevlar, and several stacks of metal ore valuable.

I realise what we stole holds little value to you guys, but we can use it. So, thank you for making it easy to find. We have about 60 charges now so the 10 or so we spent was of little consequence. We feel that the loot we got more than justified the expense.

You can belittle our raid but we feel it was successful. We are the first group on the server who had the balls to lay charges on your structure. More than anything we wanted to send a message.

Maybe you did not get the message though… perhaps because your way of sending messages is griefing bases. You walk in as a friend one day and destroy the base the next. We were civil enough to leave your base intact though. If you and rama continue to grief us, we might not be as civil in future.

So, in case you did not get our message. You should fear being raided when you log off.

Haha I look forward to what they tell me and I’ll remind them that you guys feel you can threaten us when the majority of your gear comes from us, should be a nice chat you and Diaz or whoever have, oh well, best wishes and all that

And I won’t be replying here by the way it’s not the place and I’m done talking to your group, some of you are naturally civil but you and others tend to loop everyone of our group into the same characteristics despite our individual actions and I’m sick of you and some others thinking the way you can get to us is by some moral high ground approach crap when you guys are no better than us.

Iris, please, you gave us 20 no mod slot M4s. We threw half of them out. The majority of our gear comes from us.

I really have no clue what you are talking about. I did not mention morality.

We are all civil. We did not provocate you nor did we needlessly grief you, you did that to us. Do not blame your actions on others in your group.

Oh and for the record, me and Rama never greifed you

What happened to not replying?

You were part of the group inside the structure that was griefed. If one of my guys griefed your base last night you would come back on all of us. It was your team, you were in the house, you did not stop them.