My Little Team Fortress: Battlefield is Magic

OK guys, no spitting. I don’t love or hate MLP, I just want to do pics with models that I can use in GMod. Haters gonna hate.

"Hello young gamer. We’d like a word."

No. you’re getting the wrong idea, this guy doesn’t like or hate ponies, but he is posing them getting shot at, which is good enough for all FP.

Unless you’re a pony fan yourself?

IT was a joke mein herr. Do not take it seriously.

Even if you’re a fan you’ve gotta admit that this is very pretty.

Though I’ll admit I was expecting a collection of torches and pitchforks greeting me when I read the title.

needs more dead ponys…

No but seriously good job… Looks great!

Nobody’s flying that plane, so they’ve got a better chance of surviving than you do when somebody’s in the cockpit

Just for general information. In russian language, the word “herr” is homonym for the word “penis”

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It’s just a full glass tinting

Yeah well Herr is also german for Sir, Gentleman.

Yes, I know. Just a thought came up

Who’s flying the plane exactly?

Well, I think Engineer.

Pew pew! Sniper’s van’s got some serious horse power.

Australian vans operate on kangaroo power. So it jumps so high.

I know this is true from experience.

Now that’s awesome! Artistic for you sir!

This is great. And for some reason freakin’ hilarious.

Love or hate ponies, you’re still retarded for giving the slightest shit. Hell no, FP memes…

Wait, if Rainbow Dash can fly, how come she doesn’t fight back with dash attack?

Possibly they shot her wings, or judging by the angle of the corsair forced them down.