My Loading Screen (opinions)

I am just wanting your guys opinions on it.
Like the layout and things like that

Ignore the loading at the top, i am fixing that as i speak =)

Thanks Guys =)

Edit: Currently a tad broken =P

It seems to be created for 1920x1080 and breaks when you use lower resolution, eg, 1440x900

Zoomed out view so you can see the whole thing:

Looks like Gmod theater’s one. Just sayin

It was just missing a closing div tag, all fixing now, just adding some padding under the loading part

You might want to proof read it too, or get someone else to. I’m seeing a few typing errors in there;

Not sure if that actually is a term or just a typo, I’m guessing a typo.

and finally at the left column

Although it may seem like I’m nit picking it does make your server seem more professional if you do iron out these small grammatical errors, but apart from that good job on that loadingurl.

Only thing I could say, is upon loading that, my ears got blasted off by the sounds. Might want to tweak the sound down slightly within the JS/Flash applet you are using.

~While we’re at it, here’s mine :v:
(I don’t like the big borders any more than anyone else, but it makes it stand out, which is what I was after AND the loading text are community made.)