My logo concept


I’ve been working on photoshop since December 2011 and i decided to make an logo for rust, this is nothing i believe will come in the game since they’re already working on logos on trello but it’s pretty fun.
So here’s my concept.


I’m really sorry , but that looks like poo…Literally.

It’s way too simple in my opinion. I feel as if it doesn’t really fit the character of the game.

If we’re going for “character of the game” then you need a naked man, holding a rock thats swinging at a pile of logs, while in the background a group of ten other guys in full kevlar with fully upgraded M4’s comes running at him.

That would capture the true essence of Rust, in my opinion.

These are what the devs are thinking of

Thanks for your opinions, even if they wasnt so good xD, but tried to make abit simple and try get it to the feel of the game cause i think it seems abit toy kinda with the devs logos currentyl ( my opinion ).

I personally make good backgrounds but bad logos and have been on photoshop for a while.
I’m sure you have your strongpoints as well.

My photoshop skills are shit, someone needs to make a Rust logo out of dicks. Fits the game, fits the internet!

I made one to my likings.

I like it, not bad I feel like this could work!

Seems a bit too much like a gritty modern shooter looking logo to me