My Love For You Is Like a Sword...


A shitty crossover pose.

That Reaper is fullscale, homie. In fact after I took that shot I scaled it up even more. It’s huge as fuck and it’s awesome.

Wraithcats getting stabbed by a mysterious hooded man? :v:

Oh fuck. I’m using a perskin aren’t I?


who’s the girl with the red hair?

I dunno. Some chick from Vindictus. I only downloaded the game to get the models.

She likes to put that head on other models cause it’s a good female head but We’ll always see it as Wraithcats skin.

I need to know where that hooded dude’s from.

and nice pic.

Also from Vindictus.


So, you download the game and mount it?

No you have to do a whole bunch of crazy nonsense to get the files.

Nice poses.
Second one is pushing me to download ME3 demo!

My Love for you is like a sword… Hard, Sharp and pointy?

Bow chika bow wow.

Sharp and pointy? That sounds dangerous.

This relationship is a * double edged sword *

Always nice to see someone use these models.

Could use a slightly different colourmod though imho.

What map did you use for the Reaper picture?

My Love for you is like a sword… Long and grey