My M.E.R.C.s =)

Some of my M.E.R.C.s. Doombringer- Sestze’s chip =)
i hope u like them )
p.s. my new nickname is “Ultramarine”




Impressive, I’m glad you got the chip working!

thank you ) i am now thinking about a melee mech…need to make a e2 to control hands =) (think about a “save file” function, to make a various of walk animations and melee fight )

Was kinda disappointed that there weren’t any pictures and that it was gonna be some shitty contraption. You sly dog you :D. These look fantastic. Post pictures so people can see their awesomeness

those are pretty good, but your grammar is atrocious.

This. Also, I could never even get that fucking chip working.


thx guys ) i know english but i can’t speak on it better =) idk why ))

p.s. i will post pictures soon

At least you fixed “maked”. Now it’s even worse… MADED!

i hate a language barrier =)

Awesome. Only thing I would say is make the guns aim “stronger”. They just flop around when you walk. lol

Pictures Added ))

Pretty cool stuff here, but your grammar really sucks a huge twangler:(

yeah i know

I’ve got a mech arms WIP video on y youtube account that you could use as model for your arms. I’ve been too lazy to make a tutorial on how to make mech arms. I need to get off my lazy ass and do it.

i have another solution to this shit )i wil make a motion steps in e2, and when i push “attack” button they will be randomly chosen(like characters animation in MMORPG games).

You can tell english is your second language but your not that bad

heh thx ) i am from russia and have started to study English not much time ago=) So sorry for my grammar

You’re doing fine.

I’m really impressed with what you’ve shown off so far - you’re a very talented builder.

Thank you Sestze ) I am working on my robotic hands ) 20% behind