My Machinima: Garry's Retards Episode 1

Hey there!
So this is my first post and i have AWESOME MESSAGES!


So here it is!

One week of work! And while editing with Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 my eyes hurt :confused: (better said my left eye ^^)

Discuss about my Video HERE!


CAN some ADMIN remove this please? Thanks.

Looks like another idiot’s of garrysmod rip off. Only worse.

Next time hide the kill icons
… And everything else that you forgot to hide.

And Mrs. Hax IS a rip off of Dr. Hax.

It wasn’t meant to be a rip off… I just like random videos…
And I know Mrs. Hax is a rip off of Dr. Hax, but i created Mrs. Hax because that would be JUST copied…

EDIT: I don’t know how to hide Kill icons :frowning:

That IS just a copy. It’s not creative at all. You should come up with ideas for your own characters, rather than using them from other people’s work.

Studies show 90% of this movie is nothing but NPCs getting killed!

This is shit. Just get out. If you can’t think of anything new, don’t act like it is.

hud_deathnotice_time 0

Guys please! This is my F I R S T video! So please dont be angry because this is a Rip-Off or something… Altough i didn’t had much ideas… :frowning:

It’s still shit. It’s still a rip-off. Get your own fucking ideas.

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wasn’t that funny

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Woa guys thanks for being so “nice”!

Facepunch will not be nice to something so obviously unoriginal and badly executed.

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This is FacePunch, we’re not here to be nice. Your video was shit, this isn’t kindergarten where you get an A for effort and as long as you tried, it’s good enough, no that’s not the case. It’s shit, and we’re telling you that. Get some original ideas, models/skins, and sounds. THEN come show us it. If it was good we would say it was, but it’s not, fucking deal with it.

Doh fuck Hex ninja’d me to it.

“retard” is a digusting and insulting word, why would you use it? people with disability disorders only deserve one kind of word, “respect”.

:barf: So its basically random npc killing?

This was supposed to be funny?

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Is it disabled peoples fault that they where born with a problem?

You sir, Disgust me.

if this took you a week you are very lazy or very bad at filming/editing
so you killed npcs to music? this wasn’t good at all, and telling us to not be so harsh won’t do anything because this was terrible

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Its not that great.