My Mann co. Work in Stopped. -WIS-

The original Picture is…

Now, I don’t want to keep making it because, I have to finish the pentagon thing first,
And don’t know even how to let the cart move,
Finally the map is really unbalanced.
Any idea? :smiley:

Why do you have 2 threads of wip maps?

Uhh… well I cannot think what I have to say…
Am I violated any rules…? I really don’t know many rules though I read it.
If you mean why I’m trying to make 2 kinds of maps in the same time, I’ll tell you I wanna give up
this mann co. thing.

Next time, you should post in the wip-map pimpage megathread.

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Building looks awesome though.

Why make a thread then if you are giving up?

Well… you’re correct. I think I should consider more before upload a thread.
Thanks :slight_smile:

dont give up
this map looks pretty good so far and could have the potential to go very far.